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Azealia is busy, you know?

To say a lot is going on with Azealia Banks right now is kind of an understatement. But in case you live under a rock we’ll fill you in: besides releasing her single "Aquababe" from upcoming mixtape Fantasea, the singer has been bouncing around--demanding to not be be called a "rapper" and be called a "vocalist" but then calling herself a "rapper," deleting her Twitter account and instead launching a Tumblr, re-launching her Twitter, talking about working with Styles P on her upcoming album and how he “killed it, killed it, killed it,” breaking up with another management team, and making a new music video for "Liquorice" with Lady Gaga’s stylist which is due out later today. Phewh. Just reading that makes us tired.

While we've taken a large chunk out of the morning lying in wait and scowling the Internet for the "Liquorice" video we’re still waiting like the rest of you. In the meantime you can check out a still from the upcoming video (above), which Azealia Banks posted on her Tumblr feed yesterday and listen to her new single "Aquababe" below.

Keep checking back for the "Liquorice" video. We’ll be posting it as soon as we can get our hands on it.

UPDATE: We now have the video for Azealia Banks "Liquorice." Watch it below.

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