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HeartsRevolution serves up some food for thought

HeartsRevolution speaks out! Sharing a new video for their song “Pop Heart,” the dance-pop duo tells us to stop watching so much trash TV. The clip opens with shots of Honey Boo Boo, the Kardashians, and Courtney Stodden, reminding us how ridiculous and meaningless pop culture can be. In a recent interview with Nylon Mag, band member Ben Pollock gives us the scoop on what the band is trying to say. "As technology advances it appears we are morally and mentally declining as a nation. Reality TV, pop stars, buzz bands—You are always being sold another product from 'The Machine’." He adds, “We've noticed it even more with the explosion of social media platforms; people are more interested in watching a select few live their lives than actually following their hearts, dreams, and desires."

In the clip, Front-woman and hearty blogger Lo Safai puts us in a trance as she dances around in front of mesmerizing  kaleidoscope backgrounds. The video's graphics feature teddy bears from the band's street art project, hand-made origami stars, and shiny Swarosvki lettering.

For us kids who grew up on the internet, the video's message definitely hits home. Problem is, ‘The Machine’ has us in a headlock, and we just can’t seem to look away. It’s not so much that we care about the Beverly Hills Housewives and their "issues". But maybe watching cat-fights during champagne luncheons makes us feel sane and normal.

Watch HeartsRevolution’s newest video for their track “Pop Heart” below.

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