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Trying to make music and find love before Myspace and OkCupid

Iconic filmmaking duo, the Coen brothers, break the quiet streak they’ve rode since 2010 with a new trailer for their upcoming film Inside Llewyn Davis.

Pull your oldest sweater over your head, and prepare for a deadpan glimpse at a singer-songwriter (Oscar Isaac), and a cat he says isn’t his but still travels with, as he attempts to stay afloat in New York’s folk scene during the Sixties. His struggle isn’t made any easier by a gorgeous woman (Carey Mulligan) who yells at home. Not intrigued yet? Inside Llewyn Davis also stars Justin Timberlake, who takes his acting career to the next level here by stepping out of his comfort zone and playing a…musician!

Watch the trailer for the Coen Brothers' new film Inside Llewyn Davis below.

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