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Can't believe we can even ask a question like, what do Karl Lagerfeld, Snoop Dogg and Jean-Roch have in common?

Why should you watch Jean-Roch’s new St.Tropez video? Because the video stars a cameo by both rapper Snoop Dogg and Chanel’s main man Karl Lagerfeld. The song itself, which walks the line between so bad it’s good and plain old bad, gets a huge boost from Snoop and Karl making you wonder how these three people even know one another. The video starts with Roch and Lagerfeld meeting in the clouds, then highschool power point style spinning down into St.Tropez, Snoop in his signature braids bounces between shots of girls and cars and finally they play a nice game of bacce. The high points are without a doubt when Roch and Snoop start a fist pump (they're excited to be in St.Tropez), the swagged out bacce ball game (pretty sure Snoop brushes his shoulder off after), and Lagerfeld chillin' in the clouds (need we say more). At the end of the day, you have to see it for yourself to comprehend the sheer ridiculousness/awesomeness.

Check below to watch Jean-Roch's St.Tropez video starring Snoop Dogg and Karl Lagerfeld.

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