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Watch Le1f pop it low in his new video for "Wut"

Le1f's debut video for previous Track Meet "Wut," sets a new bar--video chicks step aside. The trained dancer pops his booty, sprawls out over a Pokemon-masked playboy, hangs lavishly from the sealing, and whips the straps on his leather snapback-durag combo with a smirk on his face. Outfitted in Mishka's eyeball leggings and basketball jerseys, Le1f's facial expressions alone will have boys (and girls) fawning all over him like groupies. He could be the latest addition to this season of "Bad Girls Club," only his diva attitude is paired with an air of intelligence that crappy reality shows have never known. The provocative, playful lyrics of the 5kinAndBone5-produced track come out from all corners of this video.

Watch Le1f's video for "Wut" below and catch him live performing at MOMA PS1's Warm Ups series this Saturday alongside ballroom legend MikeQ, Matthew Dear and R&B singer, Miguel.

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