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These days, you can twerk to pretty much everything.

In Hanni El Khatib's new music video, cheerleaders bring their twerk to a trailer park mechanic shop. The video for "Pay No Mind" was directed by former Jalouse Magazine photo editor Simon Cahn. There's an editorial vibe to the video that goes from singing in a car to flashy title sequence to dancing around car parts.

Before becoming a singer-songwriter, Hanni El Khatib was HUF's creative director, but this video is refreshingly free of streetwear. It's just some girls in shorts and crop tops shaking it in an RV headlight. The whole scene reminds us of that part in Bring It On when Torrance dances to Cliff's mixtape song. Right? A little? Whatever.

Watch Hanni El Khatib's video for "Pay No Mind" below.

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