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Swizz Beats and ASAP Rocky let their new video "Street Knock" out of the garage

Though you may have heard the song already, the video for "Street Knock" by Swizz Beats featuring Allen Iverson, we mean ASAP Rocky just dropped. For the most part the video reads like one big Reebok ad, or like, if Reebok had started making foreign whips and this was the promo. Cue the brand placement, explosions and fast everything. Luckily, ASAP Rocky always looks pretty cute and we've got a few clips of our girl Venus rocking an all red Missy/Kim inspired looking outfit. Bomb. Though, speaking of fashion, maybe Rocky should have let Swizz know that Givenchy rottweiler tee has been done by rappers already. Tyga wore it on 106 and Park months ago--need we say more.

Watch "Street Knocks" Swizz Beats featuring ASAP Rocky above and let us know what you think. We personally much preferred this.

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