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Heartbreak looks different on different people.

Tiombe Lockhart is back with another self-directed banger. Shot on location in Costa Rica, the Brooklyn artist's video for "Gone" shows her playing out a series of characters all with their own unique outfits. When asked about the various personalities, Tiombe told the Fader:

"I wanted to show heartbreak through five different female archetypes:

1.The Crone, that lives at the bottom of the ocean, but came up in search for something.
2.The opposite of her: The Fool, Peach on the Beach.
3.Suicidal Housewife in the pool.
4.The ATLIEN/Narrator that roams the ruins and jungle.
5. And my favorite: the dancer, the most passionate and sexual of them all."

See how that pans out in Tiombe Lockhart's video for “Gone” below.

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