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Wax Idols debut a new video for their song "Gold Sneakers"

Oakland's biggest mouth piece, Hether Fortune, is back with a new music video for the Wax Idol's hit "Gold Sneakers." Fortune's band, Wax Idols, recently returned home from an American tour to support the release of their debut LP No Future on Hozac Records. Fortune's friend and film maker, Hayden Shiebler, created the video for "Gold Sneakers" --the song was written for Fortune's now deceased ex-boyfriend indie-punk Jay Reatard--which features Fortune walking through a maze of rooms in a dark, dream-like haze. Fortune told One Thirty BPM:

"I’m really into the early videos by The Cure, like the ones from Staring At The Sea – The Images. Those videos were all very staged and dramatic, but also a little hokey. But, while these were the ideas for the approach, we actually had a pretty strong concept going into it. I am, obviously, in a bath and stoned, and I pass out. From there, you can interpret it as a bad dream or that I’m in limbo, but it’s a really miserable environment and you don’t really know what is happening."

Check out the Wax Idols video for "Gold Sneakers" below.

WAX IDOLS - GOLD SNEAKERS from Hayden Shiebler on Vimeo.

Heard via: One Thirty BPM

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2 Responses to “WAX IDOL’S “GOLD SNEAKERS””

  1. Mel Zee Mel Zee says:

    this is a really happy sounding death song….

  2. LaToya Jenkins says:

    YES! YES!

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