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Welcome to the first edition of Hearty's Weekly Round-up. A place where we compile our favorite news stories, blog entries, articles, videos, whatever into a collection of links for you to browse.

Weirdest bike seat ever. [Gnarlitude]

Remember when Brittany Murphy was the awkward girl in Clueless who nailed her head on a lamp during a drunken sing-a-long of "Rollin' With the Homies"? Remember when she used to make out with Ashton Kutcher? We do and so do Des Boobs. Brittany's coif has changed and so has her taste in guys dudes dads men. Barf. But hey, whatever blows your hair back, right? [Des Boobs]

Screen caps from French designer, Vanessa Bruno's new video, which features the always stunning, Lou Doillon. The film was shot by Mark Borthwick. [Scout Holiday]

Lisa A. Kline, who styled Sarah Palin during her run for Republican Vice President, outed herself to the public in order to gain recognition for the "great job" she did. Outed? Really? If she wanted to make an impact she should have actually come out of the closet. For real. [New York Magazine]

All the reasons why LMFAO's new shit single, "Shots" is the date-rape anthem of 2009. [The Sexist]

One of our favorite commenters and daily fashion blogger, Betsey J pointed us in the direction of Norwegian Designer, Fam Irvoll. Rad link. [Betsey J]

19 Crazy and Crappy Christmas Gifts from Skymall. Our favorite? Number 3: Break-resistant wine glasses. Um, don't you mean plastic? [Jezebel]

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