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Just in time for Gay Pride week in NY, a clinic in Barcelona claims to be able to cure homosexuality. Try announcing that ridiculous one at the parade. [Parlour]

Katie Perry attempts hipster. Stick to tossing fruit, hunny. [NYMag]

Yah, we're clumsy and spill all over our clothes too. See what stain removers work best. [Blogue]

What's a Weekly Round-Up without a Gaga mention. Gaga fashion barbies. Yes, they did the frog one. [The Paradime]

The fashion in Mad Men might be one of the best parts of the show. (That, and when Don Draper roughed it with his mistress in the East Village. Bad ass.) Turns out it was never meant to be a fashion show. [Jezebel]

5 fall trends to try now. [Refinery 29]

Enjoy your weekend!

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