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Want to wear a garden around your neck? Okay, maybe not, but these Terrarium Necklaces by Erica Weiner are really cute. Water every 2-3 days. [Trendland]

Snooki is a topic of conversation at the White House Correspondents dinner. [Double X]

And some serious defense for Snooki against this New York Times piece. [Four Four]

Dutch author, Ruud Lissen, published his book, "Book of War, Mortification and Love" in his own blood. After a serious malfunction at the printing press, the process had to be re-done which meant that Liseen lost half a liter of blood. Anything for art, right? So black metal. Watch the video here. [Underconsideration]

Yeah, yeah saggy pants were a big issue in court but the rules say people can wear what they want as long as it doesn't offend public order and decency. Take a look to the left of that NY Post cover and then let's talk about decency. #TaylorMomsen #wannabe #boring #getyourownstyle [Blogue]

Don't go in the water guys! Happy August! [Let Me Buy U, An Drank]

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