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We don't know what it is, but December makes people horny. Maybe it's because of the cold? Everyone is just dying to coil up with someone and secure some serious body heat. Or maybe it's because Santa is a secret sex symbol (remember Billy Bob as Bad Santa)? Kidding. Whatever the case, this week's addition of the round-up features our favorite sex-related posts:

Karley Sciortino, author of Slutever, describes her life "hanging with whores". [Slutever]

Comedian Cam McLeod (Mental Beast and Man Hussy) teaches the world "How To Be A Sex Person". Interview by Elianna Lev. [Vancouver Observer]

hearty writer, Mish Way, chalks up a cheesy love post for her boyfriend on Back Yard Records blog, The Boneyard. Barf. [The Boneyard]

In light of the whole Tiger Woods fiasco, Janice Min of the Daily Beast threw down her two cents about "skank hoes" and why sophisticated men lower themselves to f--king "warm-blooded blow-up dolls". Min also says these so-called "mistresses" are "butt-ugly" a.k.a Butter Faces. Min says it all comes down to the Madonna/whore complex. Adopting her own brand of misogyny, Min's article opinion makes us wonder why she is fueled by such a sexist binary between "types" of women? [The Daily Beast]

When you flunk out of clown school, loose your mime license and get bored with masturbation, you show up at weddings and put on a puppet show. With your hands. About sex. People having sex. [Youtube]

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