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Okay. It's no secret that toys are gendered. Barbie, water-babies and Princess Whatever dolls, we get it. They send young girls a very specific message about what it means to be a female. Fine. But this new breast-feeding doll has taken it way too far. Spanish toy-maker, Berjuan has developed a breast-feeding doll. Yes, you heard us, A BREAST-FEEDING DOLL that even comes with a unique halter top so young mothers-to-be (you know, who are like 6 years old) can easily "feed" their "babies". The doll, known as Bebe Gloton (which translates to "gluttonous baby") even makes realistic sucking noises as it feasts off a pair of pre-pubiscent, non-existent nipples! Gross. Seriously, gross. The halter top even has daises that cover the little girls' chests and come undone quickly and easily just like the flaps of a maternity bra. Aw... just like Mommy did with you little child, only a short six years ago! Weirdest part about this new freak doll? Some mothers are actually supporting this tit-sucking Chuckie! What do you ladies think of this? See video below.

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