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Tick tock. Where were you when the clock striked twelve?

Another year gone by, another year ahead, another reason to celebrate. From lighting off fireworks on a secret island to passing out on the beach, no matter where the hearty girls were, we were having fun. Our annual "Where Were You At Midnight" gives a glimpse into the different New Years Eve celebrations we were partaking in, like Aiya above who runs the hearty Tumblr. hearty girls all over the world!

See where we were celebrating the big count down and what we were doing.Where were you at midnight?

Gillian Damborg, Secret Island off the Coast of Vancouver

Jess Bloom, Toronto

Yasi Salek, Los Angeles

Dana Droppo, New York

Samantha Duenas, New York

Mish "Pretending to be Pregnant" Way, Vancouver

Michelle Grapes, New York

Kate Brown, Montreal

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