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Beached whale.

Maybe it's those haunting eyes or that recognizable overbite, but these duffle bags remind us more of piranhas than they do whales. But that doesn't mean  you can't rock a piranha duffle bag, if anything, it's more bada$$. Made by Japanese brand WHOWHAT exclusively for YMC UK, the black canvas duffles come in two sizes--baby whale or adult whale. Or rather, a normal-sized piranha and a piranha who's had a little too much to eat. Now for the dissection of the fish. The fish unzips along the spine and at the mouth you'll find pouch pockets, but just beware, we don't want to see you on one of those ridiculous Piranha movies.

Check out more photos of the WHOWHAT Whale Duffle Bags below.

Seen via: Selectism

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