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The Wildfox Kids Summer 2012 lookbook gets a little help from Violet Hume

Sometimes kids are just cooler then us lame adults will ever be. Depending on where you grew up (NY kids are uber cool) or how much your parents dressed you (or didn't dress you), paired with a limitless imaginary, and you're the coolest kid on the blogs. Wildfox Kids has released a summer 2012 lookbook and their model Violet Hume is putting us to shame. According to Wildfox, Violet does a whole bunch of things you wish you knew how to do or had time to do. Violet "laughs a lot, rollerskates, dances, loves her doggy, loves sugar, loves swimming, has super cool parents (model Kirsty Hume and father Donovan Lietch) and lives in Los Angeles!" Fueling her with M&M's, they sailed through the Chateau Marmont (we told you she was cool) shooting photos while Violet had the crew cracking up as she jumped on fountain ledges and pouted against windows. You can try, but you'll just never catch up.

See more from the Wildfox Kids Summer 2012 lookbook starring Violet Hume below.

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