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A couple weeks ago you may have read about Brickism--a project between Wood Wood and Lego--but the details were scant. We now know Wood Wood has invited four artists from four different cities to design sculptures out of Lego bricks including HuskMitNavn from Copenhagen, Delta from Amsterdam, Will Sweeney from London and So Me from Paris. Then they called in the die hard Lego fans. They connected the artists and fans in each country and had the fans help do the building.

Starting with Wood Wood, Copenhagen in August, the final sculptures will be shown in each of the four cities. After Copenhagen the kid toy inspired creations will travel to Colette in Paris in September then Goodhood in London in October and 290 SQM and Amsterdam in November. And it's all for a good cause--sculptures will be auctioned off to benefit Save The Children.

These are some of the early shots of the building. Someone say Sponge Bob!

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