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As winter approaches, we're looking for indoor activities that don't just involve hitting up the local dive. Wool and the Gang makes knitting simple (and pretty darn cool). Releasing their packages as collections, each collection features a variety of clothing items and accessories you can make on your own--like that scarf or those bras (yes, you can make them). Packages includes all the tools you'll need, from the pattern to the wool to the knitting needles.

About to release their Crazy Sexy Wool 3 collection, in the meantime you can check out the rest of their collections here.

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  1. […] Wool and the Gang has been making knitting ready-to-use since 2007. And the brand that packages together the all the tools you need to make pieces of clothing you’ll actually want to wear once you finish knitting them, presents their s/s ’11 collection. Photographed by Martin Bruno (Vanessa Bruno‘s brother), the collection features loose crop tops and a “sexy back” sweater. Each Wool and the Gang kit comes equipped with their signature patches, knitting needles and Peruvian cotton wool. […]

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