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It's entertaining when advertising companies use "war" language to sell products like mouth wash or toilet bowl cleaner. It's just so ridiculous. As though gingivitis and bacteria are opposing forces with personalities we must want to slaughter. Besides battling tooth decay and household germs, women have to worry about fighting off a whole other enemy: aging. And we hear the euphemisms of this battle lightly sprinkled into female product talk. However in the fight against cleavage wrinkles, La Decollette, is doing much more than pumping women up with war talk. They are suiting us up in armor.

Rachel de Boer of La Decollette, has invented a cupless bra (or weird harness/wrinkle fighting shield) aimed to conceal and smooth cleavage while you sleep. "The vertical wrinkles appear because the breasts are pressed against each other while sleeping. The older you get, the longer it takes before they disappear again. Sometimes they won’t disappear at all," Rachel told Daily Express. Apparently, the night-time wrinkle fighter shows results after only one night. Wrinkles diminished. Troops of beloved supporters have formed in both the UK and Holland. Expect a North American invasion soon.

Tuesday November 3,2009
By Emily Garnham for
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CLEAVAGE like crepe paper?
A revolutionary bra designed for women who suffer from wrinkles between their breasts is now available in the UK.
La Decollette anti-wrinkle night bra has already had the thumbs up from women in Holland, where it was invented.
Rachel de Boer

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