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John Lennon once dubbed her the most famous unknown artist, and now Yoko Ono is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale.

Yoko Ono is a self-starter and business woman. And like many business people who have turned their name into a brand (Oprah, George Foreman, Martha Stewart...) will tell you: the best part of of being a business is making money while you're not working. Now, with her name in artistic lights, the woman who broke up The Beatles rests with her awards while we do the art for her.

Anton's Memory, Yoko's solo show at Pallazetto Tito in Venice Italy (up until September 20th) is a collection of some of her greatest works revisited and most of the show--like most of her installations--is participatory. One of her works asks visitors to write where they want to travel on a piece of paper so they may slide it into the Louis Vuitton luggage, while another work invites patrons to write a thought about their mom and stick it to the wall. Oh, and the kitchy bags for sale...they're from a past promotion from the 2004 Liverpool Biennial.

John Baldessari got the award this year, too.

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