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What's the meaning of life? Or, more importantly, what the heck is a USB stick made out of?

South Korean artist Yookyung Shin and Taiwanese artist Hanhsi Chen (now both based in London, UK) have teamed up to create something both beautiful and functional­—really, a feat in any field. The project, “Empty Memory Sticks” will have you thinking twice about the technological world and reconsider that little thing we jam into our computers, stuffing its memory full of our private information. Pondering how a USB stick works is a little like staring into space and wondering what is beyond the stars—do we really want to know? Maybe not. But, Shin and Chen want us to consider: “What is the physical boundary of an electronic device?”

See more of Yookyung Shin and Hanhsi Chen’s fully functional "Empty Memory Sticks" below.

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