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You Are Here, Paris pin

Rep your city with a piece from Talia Sari's jewelry collection called, You Are Here. The collection's title is fairly self-explanatory--these brooches and necklaces are maps. From Tel Aviv (the designer's home base) to Manhattan, each city's map is transformed into a geometric pendant that can show you the way home. If only there was some sort of a GPS rigged up so you could find pizza on the way. Next time, Talia, next time.

The cities are available in 24k gold, palladium, sterling silver and oxidized.  We're not sure how we feel about the circular cable necklaces, but there's an ID-badge quality to the brooches that piques our interest. Check out the shop here and make sure to take a look at Talia's previous collection that also includes a street map but in a more political way.




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