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As you know, we've been dumping our bags here at hearty for a hot minute! We couldn't help but reach out to some of your (and our) favorite blogging mamas and female industry friends to join in on the fun. Check what these ladies are hiding in their bags and get to dumping your bag too. Snap a pic and send it to You could win this dope package from Stussy.

Mare and Vern of Paris & Pascual

Jules of Bijules

Suzanne Lau of  Style Bubble

Des of The Boobs

Yoshi of Fatlace & hearty magazine

Kerin Rose of A-Morir

Julia Vaughn of Triumvir

Regina Stone of Limite Magazine

Ver and Kate of Off The Hook

Zyanna of Zygrrrr

Betsey of  Betsey J and What The Forks?!

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6 Responses to “Your Favorite Bloggers Bags”

  1. Stella says:

    I love these. Bags are a nice lil peek to a person. I’m particularly into Yoshi with 2 X BlackBerry and Kerin Rose with 3 x Glasses. Excellent.

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