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Trevor Powers will make you cry. Not because he's a jerk, but because he knows how to hit the sob nerve.

Boise, Idaho's Youth Lagoon is a one man show. Citing anxiety as his main inspiration, Powers writes ghostly electronic songs about love, loss, lonliness and, well, just plain old pain. The song "Montana" is sad enough just to listen to, let alone watch the new video filled with nostalgic soul-searching. Featuring a man striken by the grief of his dad's death, decades earlier in the second World War, he struggles to come to terms with the loss, haunted by images of his dad and himself as a boy. The hope factor comes in near the end when he finally decides to let go and, we can only hope, move on. Though, Youth Lagoon isn't all depressing. It's the kind of music that hits you in the gut, makes you want to cry, but inspires you to get up and do something. Even just to escape the darkness.

See Youth Lagoon's video for "Montana" below.

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