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Zach Galifianakis, our love for you only grows by the minute.  The dawn of a new age in Hollywood heartthrobs is here and your long red facial hair, beautifully rounded belly, and smooth, slightly nasal voice have captured our affection.  Girls should hang photos of you above their beds instead of that Bieber kid.

And ladies, if you're not convinced already, here are five reasons why:

1. Zach is the host of Funny or Die’s webTV series, Between Two Ferns, a collection of celebrity interviews that can shut down the hearty office for approximately 2 and a half minutes whenever someone turns on an episode. Watch the episode with Charlize Theron below.

2. Zach allegedly protested Mel Gibson’s role in The Hangover 2, and anyone who feels as disgusted by Mel’s drunk-driving, racism, and emotional abuse as we do, is in our good books. Although Zach denies playing any role in the casting processes of the movies he makes, Jezebel speculates that his involvement in Growing Voices’ partner organization, DANA (Domestic Abuse is not Acceptable) might have had something to do with all the chatter about his stand against Mel.

3. Zach lit up on Bill Maher’s show during a discussion about California’s Prop 19. He supports the controversial proposition to legalize certain marijuana related activities, like personal consumption and locally-regulated commercial sale, that has the potential to seriously impact the struggling state’s fiscal condition. The benefits would work by reducing state funds used to seek out, patrol and incarcerate drug-offenders and would introduce billions of dollars in revenue from tax and fee collection on commercial sales.  Watch Zach’s live TV session below:

4. His modeling career really took off with a spread in the Vanity Fair Swimsuit Calendar.  If that doesn’t spell success, we don’t know what does.

5. Zach tweets for change! We applaud his message that denounced  Virginia Foxx, North Carolina's Congressional rep who publicly dishonored Matthew Shepard's memory, calling the hate-driven motive of his brutal murderers "a hoax" used to pass hate crimes legislation.  The Republican candidate falsely claimed the violent killing had nothing to do with the fact that Shepard was gay, spewing lies about the night of Matthew's death during a debate about the act at the House of Representatives while his family was in attendance.

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  1. Mish Mish says:

    And he looks great in bubbles.

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