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Beachwear 1953

Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Summer is almost here (slowly but surely), which means bathing suit season is pending but inevitable. Flash back to 1953 when one-pieces, stripes and rhinestones reigned supreme. Thanks to the British Pathé--who will be re-launching their site next week to make it more user friendly--you can check out vintage fashion footage like the Beachwear 1953 footage, and get inspired for your summer sand look--we're not too sure about the idea of a beach coat though. Some other notable fashion footage includes Nina Ricci's 1966 Summer Collection (Ricci had the show at a jungle gym!), French Girls Wage War Against Foreign Fashion Models in 1961 (not at all violent) and Autumn & Winter Fashions from 1969. Talk about inspiration! They also have other obscure videos, like this one of a young and buff 21-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger. Browse the entire collection of footage here.