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Friday, February 17th, 2012
It's our 97th round-up, guys. Obama's birth control compromise means women will have access and coverage and it's a pretty fair deal for all people involved. [Jezebel] Editor-in-Chief of 01 Magazine Redia Soltis gives Assembly her mixtape. [Assembly] XO Jane's Health and Beauty editor, Cat Marnell, gives us real talk on drugs, women and Whitney's passing. #mustreadoftheweek [XO Jane] Is M.I.A.'s rebellion sincere to her revolutionary claims? [GOOD] Diplo teams up with Usher for a new club track called "Climax." It's got some serious R. Kelly vibes. [FADER] Bet you didn't know all this. [Psychology Today]

Birth Control to be Illegal?

Friday, October 21st, 2011
Rachel Maddow rips into Mitt Romney on the latest episode of Man Cave As one of our ever-articulate staff members noted over a fancy dinner last night, "Being pregnant isn't fun, it's getting pregnant that's the fun part." That whole pre-fertilization dance that so many of us enjoy, has been made so much less stressful and terrifying since that glorious day in 1960 when birth control pills were made available to the women of America. Well, women of America, get ready for sex to be even more stress-inducing than it already is. Mitt Romney wants you to get pregnant. The presidential candidate supported a pro-life bill that would make all hormonal contraceptives illegal. That's right, moving forward into history by making birth control illegal. Are we headed for the apocalypse? Since making the statement, Romney recanted, saying he was unaware that the bill included oral contraceptives. But we have a feeling that this seething video-attack by our girl Rachel Maddow had something to do with it.  Watch above.

Don’t Blame Birth Control

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
When The American Life League began a "green" campaign to get women to stop taking birth control, we all had to do a double take. The Pro-Life association claimed that birth control ends up in our earth's water supply and "is making male fish, frogs and river otters less masculine." It has been hypothesized the estrogen hormone triggers male fish to develop female reproductive organs and then produce eggs. We can understand how this would be bad for each species seeing as mating would be altered and perhaps, in the most extreme case, frogs could become extinct. However, we also agree with Feministing when they said that this is just fear of the decline of masculinity and an excuse to label birth control as harmful for not only women, but the poor little fish and frogs too. This is a stinky little onion we're peeling, especially when you rip off the latest layer. According to Chemical & Engineering News, a new study from UC-San Fransisco revealed that only 1% of estrogen pollution is caused by birth control pills. The majority of the harm comes from "landfills, non-contraceptive pharmaceuticals, soymilk and biodiesel factories" and industry farms. Furthermore, people of both sexes and all ages excrete natural estrogens. As Jos at Feministing points out, "Estrogen pollution isn’t a non issue. Beyond absurd fears about masculinity in fish, this pollution does disrupt reproduction in some species and estrogen in drinking water has been linked to fertility problems and cancer in people." While this may be true, we're sure that if it isn't the pill that is causing the decline of gender differences in the animal world, news will suddenly pop up at the patch kills baby chickens or the NuvaRing is the number one noose for domestic cats. For the A.L.L. the only "green" way to safe sex is abstinence and even the frogs aren't down with that. Via: Feministing & Chemical and Engineering News