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Friday, September 17th, 2010
The real life Sue Sylvester exists, except her version of the Cheerios are actually still eating Cheerios. [Animal New York] Angelina walks a dog down the runway at Fashion Week. Pauly D and the Situation have to wait in line to make jokes. [The Cut] Marc Jacobs models for his own products, has a kickin' bod covered in weird tattoos of kids cartoon characters and likes to party. He's the ultimate good-time gay who will make you feel square. Robert Foster investigates. [Platfm] A bear in Finland stretches her legs. The news calls it "yoga" [Observer] Craiglist "Adult Services" section is officially over and done with thanks to trafficking issues that were pointed out by some anti-trafficking activist groups. Although Craiglist's giant roster of sexual ads is now debunked, activist groups note that the internet is a big place. "Every pimp has a myspace page." [Salon] What's Jody been up to? [Jody Rogac Blog] Optical illusion constructed to slow down West Coast drivers. Another reason to not drive on acid. [Vancouver Sun] Judge Judy on computerized Ludes. This is insane. [Street Carnage]

No Scars Allowed

Monday, June 28th, 2010
On Friday night Dove posted an ad on Craigslist searching for non-models to model in their upcoming "Real Beauty" campaign. "Real Beauty" is meant to promote a healthy self image by not using unrealistically thin models to sell the Dove products and state of mind. However, the Craigslist ad was pretty particular when it came to certain things:
AGES 35-45, CAUCASIAN, HISPANIC, AFRICAN AMERICAN, & ASIAN! SHOOT: SUNDAY, JULY 18 in NYC! MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR THE SHOOT! RATE: $500 for Shoot date & if selected for Ad Campaign (running 2011) you will be paid $4000! USAGE: 3 years unlimited print & web usage in N. America Only YOU WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED FOR THE CAMPAIGN IN A TOWEL! BEAUTIFUL ARMS AND LEGS AND FACE WILL BE SHOWN! MUST HAVE FLAWLESS SKIN, NO TATTOOS OR SCARS! Well groomed and clean...Nice Bodies..NATURALLY, FIT Not too Curvy Not too Athletic. Great Sparkling Personalities. Beautiful Smiles! A DOVE GIRL!!! STYLISH AND COOL! Beautiful HAIR & SKIN is a MUST!!! PLEASE SUBMIT SNAPSHOTS of FACE & BODY ASAP & WE WILL CALL YOU IN FOR A CASTING NEXT WEEK 6/28-6/30 in NYC!
It's a bit contradictory to advocate for "Real Beauty" (which according to Dove's website works to "free ourselves and the next generation from beauty stereotypes") and then make a bullet point list of all the things that a Dove girl should or should not be. If Dove is attempting to "free" girls and women from "beauty stereotypes" then things like scars, tattoos, beautiful smiles, fitness ("not too curvy not too athletic") should not make a difference in their models. Since Friday, the original ad has been removed from Craigslist. Via The Cut


Monday, August 17th, 2009
Tired of jadedly scanning the 'Do's and Dont's' section in Vice? Try these remarkable works of wonder on for size. Jonathan Brandis remembered by one of his dedicated fans 1. Jonathan Brandis Fan Page ( Maybe Brad Renfro has a fan page stashed somewhere in the dark wormholes of the internet, and there is sure to be a site dedicated to the death of Rider Strong's career, but no web homage shines as bright as Jonathan Brandis'. Complete with drawings of the talented actor that starred in such gems as Seaquest and Ladybugs, the website is truly, like Jon, unforgettable. From "A Brief Overview of how Lives are Destroyed" 2. Fuck You Penguin ( This is a pretty famous blog. So famous in fact, that the creator got a book deal out of his genius idea of telling off pictures of cute animals. 3. Texts from Last Night ( When you've had too much to drink, try to discern (through your clouded mind) who you are about to send that weird/creepy/hot text message to, or else it may end up on this website. From posts like,'the liability waiver did not state that i couldn't bring my bottle of wine in the bouncy castle. it did Not,' to 'She was walking with the authority that 2 beers gave to a light weight,' the site is a dark cave of entertainment that also serves as cautionary education, kind of like the D.A.R.E program. 4. Best of Craigslist ( People use Craigslist to fill the void in their lives with whatever they think will do the trick. Be it men seeking women, women seeking women, seeking missed connections, seeking rooms for rent, seeking sublets, seeking roommates who need desks, drugs, straightedge companionship, free rides, used surfboards, used Ipods, extra tickets, you name it. Thank goodness someone thought to put all the posts that stand out the most in one little tidy website for everyone to enjoy. This one is pretty good. A douche bag is a hygienic product; I take it as a compliment. 5. I Bang the Worst Dudes ( A site that makes most men's faces crumple with fear, I Bang the Worst Dudes, invites females to submit a guy they've had a romantic encounter with (one-night-stand or otherwise) along with a photo of the guy and why other girls should stay away from him. It's raw. If the girl confessing shows some mercy and decides not to send a picture of the guy, an image of a, ahem, feminine hygiene product is used in its place. The stories are like gateway drugs; you read a good one, then sift through hundreds of mediocre rants to find another bazaar diamond in the rough. Remember, they're shocking because they're true.

Missed Connections part II

Thursday, July 16th, 2009
31709 The adaptation of Missed Connection scenarios has already been done, but it's not played out. In fact, we don't think it could ever get old, as it's enchanting and at times hilariously creepy. Sophie Blackall draws the scenarios according to the New York Craigslist classifieds, so get posting in the hopes that this talented young lady draws a dreamlike version of you and your unsuspecting crush.

Craigslist Missed Connections Comics

Monday, April 13th, 2009
12 Don’t feel bad about that Craigslist post you made months ago about that Air Max wearing guy you creep at the neighborhood bar, it might have inspired one of the artists that worked on, I Saw You, an anthology of comics based on missed connections. The book was edited by Julia Wertz of the Fart Party, and includes nearly 100 cartoonists like Liz Prince of “Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed?” The interpretations of these love-seeking posts will make you laugh, believe in Craigslist love or perhaps never want to be so open about your crushes again.