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Grizzly King: Q+A with Baauer

Friday, June 29th, 2012
Baauer even looks a bit like a fierce grizzly. Baauer is the latest sensation off Mad Decent's Jeffree's imprint. His single "Harlem Shake" has been making dancefloors erupt across the world since its release and the 22-year-old Brooklyn native is just getting started. He's touring the world, jumping on to help mix BBC Radio 1 tapes with Diplo, and playing tonight at the grand finale of the hottest party to hit NYC in the last decade: hearty's Summer in Training. We caught up with Baauer to talk about his love for Pretty Flacko, spirit animals and frozen Ikea meatballs. Catch him tonight headlining Summer In Training Vol. 5 at Tribeca Grand with your devoted hosts the #HRTY crew and guest DJs and hosts from US emcee collective #BEEN #TRILL. Come early to guarantee entry, we filled house last week and this is your very last chance! Read our interview with Baauer below. Can a Brooklyn kid like you actually Harlem Shake? Yes. Tell me about the trajectory of how you went from making techno and house to trap and hip hop? I had been making house music for years and years, but always felt like I was falling short of the sound I wanted. I started making some hip hop bootleg remixes for fun, and it felt really natural and fresh, so I stuck with it! Where'd the name Baauer come from? It's my middle name. What'd you listen to growing up? Rafi. Banana phone changed the way I think about music. And bananas. What can people at "hearty magazine Presents Summer in Training" expect from your set on Friday? A mish mash of hyped up bass heavy club tracks, with an emphasis on hip hop! Anyone you're dying to work with? A$AP Rocky is someone I'd love to work with. He has a great style which I think would match my production pretty well. What's next in your music career? Lots of collaborations with fellow hiphop producers, and an EP coming in the fall! What's your fashion style like--any brands you're repping hard? I only wear gucci sweatpants and Von Dutch tees. What's your go to midnight snack? Frozen Ikea meatballs. What's your spirit animal? The mighty grizzly. King of the kodiac.

Q+A with Diplo

Monday, June 11th, 2012
Diplo talks about his differences with Santigold, Major Lazer tattoos and his headache
Interview: Zoy Britton
Sweat drips down my back in my attempts to get the perfect shot of Diplo DJing on the main stage at the Fifth Annual Roots Picnic held in Philadelphia, PA this past weekend. This year marked the Picnic’s 5th’ anniversary and featured a plethora of hip- hop, indie and electronica artists like Danny Brown, De La Soul, Mos Def, Shabazz Palaces and Flostradamus (to name a few of our personal favorites). In proper form, the annual 2 day celebration of amazing music jumped off with a bang--and a rowdy crowd. As all 60 inches of me perch precariously atop a barricade, I can feel jailbait music fans pinching the hell out of my as,s to the rhythm of the girls twerking on stage. After a few minutes of sexual harassment, I attempt to throw a few well-placed bows at their disrespectful faces while maintaining my photo hustle. And all of this preceded the freak thunderstorm that sent Diplo’s solo DJ set to the humid, flooded gas chamber of a tent complete with a perpetual parade of salty sweatdrops flung upon the unsuspecting lens of my camera. The undulating crowd ravenously bumps to Diplo’s DJ set which included some songs from Major Lazer’s upcoming album (album title TBA) including “Get Free” featuring Dirty Projector’s Amber Coffman and the lead single “Original Don.” The album, which is set to drop this fall, will feature everyone from Beanie Man to Sean Paul and Vampire Weekend. Of course, no trill DJ set would be complete without some Waka drops, which only serve to send the hypebeast of a crowd into rhythmic tailspins. After about 5 minutes of getting jostled by Season 500 of Teen Mom, I got the hell out of there and hightailed it to Major Lazer’s trailer to wait for my interview. Finally, a sweat- drenched Diplo arrives. After standing in a corner of his trailer for 20 minutes, awkwardly (not) watching him eat, he finally approaches me “You wanted an interview or something, right?” “Yeah, 10 minutes tops, I promise.” “Okay let me just change,” he responds before heading into the rather dimly lit bathroom. Several minutes pass before Diplo emerges, looking somewhat refreshed as he plops himself down on a folding chair and beckons me over. “Want to sit?” he says as he pulls over a chair for me, removing a haphazard piece of plastic from its seat as he haggles with one of his DJs about the sets for a club show later on that night. Diplo: No, you want it? You got an hour and a half, I don’t go on until one. DJ: Well are you really going to let me DJ or me standing there while you DJ? Diplo: Either one. I think you DJing is the same thing as you standing there while I DJ. Dj: Well cool, because I didn’t come for that. [Laughs.] Your production history tends towards reggae, dancehall and electronica but you’ve definitely rattled things up in the R&B world with Usher’s Climax. What was the inspiration for that, how did it go down? Well that song seems like a mix of all that stuff, electronica and pop and soul altogether but-- Yo, look at her tattoo, look at her tattoo “Lazers Never Die,” the only one with that besides her? Chris Pauls and me. [Laughs.] --yeah but that song is a homage to all that stuff so it’s like, I think it’s pretty natural, something that just happens. It amplifies it. You did a bunch of production work on Santi’s most recent album, Look at these Hoes, Pirates in the Water. You guys always produce magic, what’s the formula there, what’s that relationship like? Santi’s a real cool girl and we make really good songs together but I don’t know, its really weird, she’s very hesitant to do songs with me sometimes, she has her own vibe but we started doing stuff together when no one knew who we were. She was from Philly, she started doing solo stuff so it was really cool that we linked up and I like her a lot, I like what she does, it's really cool. Why do you think she was hesitant? I think that when we do work together, she’s more of a singer/songwriter and I’m more hands-on when it comes to producing. I don’t know, we’re really good friends, we hang out together but when we’re in the studio sometimes it’s just like we’re head to head. When I work with a lot of women either it’s magical or fighting so it’s a very volatile thing when I work with women. But we’ve had some cool stuff together, she did an amazing record on the new Major Lazer album. You’ve made a lot of magic with a lot of female artists though, Amber Coffman, M.I.A., Santi, who is someone you haven’t worked with that you’re like itching to work with? Like Bjork or some random shit? I don’t really know, kind of everytime I run into someone it just happens like Alicia Keys and me recently traded some music, so that’d be cool. It would be cool to work with People on the Radio I worked with their producer a couple of times but never had like the whole band and worked with them. I’d do some stuff with The XX that would be cool to do some records with them. I don’t know, I don’t really think about what I want to do I just do it. I’m like a producer for hire, just ask me to make stuff. I mean I do my own thing, I make records like "Express Yourself" and like that’s just for underground, you know? What are you thinking right now? I got a headache, I need some Advil. I didn’t go to sleep last night. Anybody got Advil? Tour manager? Oh, that’s it? My bad.

Diplo Move Around & Set It Off

Friday, May 18th, 2012
Diplo previews his Express Yourself EP The wait is over--well, sort of. You can now listen to two new tracks from Diplo's upcoming EP Express Yourself. The two tracks are “Move Around” which features Elephant Man and GTA, and "Set It Off" which features Lazerdisk Party Sex. With it's heavy beat "Move Around" will definitely have you moving something or another around. And in "Set It Off" Diplo gives us a dream-like trance beat which builds to a point that sound like his work with Major Lazer paired with the helium sharp voice singing "I want to set it off." "Move Around" is available to stream via Brooklyn Vegan, and "Set It Off" from Mad Decent. With all these previews coming our way, we're thinking at this rate we might get to hear the whole album before its official release June 12. But we don't mind, we don't like waiting. Listen to Diplo’s latest Express Yourself preview “Move Around” and "Set It Off" below. Set it Off Move Around

Master of My Make-Believe

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Listen to Santigold's new album, Master of My Make-Believe here Santigold has given us little tastes of her sophomore release, whether it be in the form of videos (see here and here) or live performances, along the way. But, now, you can stream the entire Master of My Make-Believe album. We listened to her last self-titled album (when she still went under the Santogold name) so much, if it wasn't digital we probably would have worn holes in it. But Master of My Make-Believe is here to take its place. The album which is current but still so Santi, also features work from Diplo, Switch and even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen-O. We're happy to have her back in her entirety. Stream Santigold's Master of My Make Believe on NPR here. The album will be officially released May 1.

Watch Major Lazer “Get Free”

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012
You think life is confusing, imagine being a sensitive soldier with a lazer for a hand While we all know two beautiful people can make an ugly baby, but Major Lazor’s new track “Get Free” with Dirty Projector’s Amber Coffman lives up to its two creators. A slow beat for Major Lazer's usually uptempo dance songs, paired with Amber’s siren voice and thoughtful lyrics, creates a hypnotic experience. Featuring Mr. Major Lazer in the cartoon flesh floating across space, sitting on a dead dinosaur, and contemplating life, the video also has subtitles on the screen. So while you're watching the beret clad soldier with a lazer for a hand tear up about life, you can sing along to the song. Watch the video for Major Lazer featuring Amber Coffman "Get Free" below and download the song for free on the Major Lazer website in exchange for your email.

Kreayshawn’s Real Debut

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Looks like it's going to be a make or break summer for Kreayshawn A year after she burst onto the scene with "Gucci Gucci," Kreayshawn is set to release a full-length album titled Somethin' Bout Kreay. Sure, there have been other "semi" releases since (including the 2 Chainz collaboration "Murder") but not enough set her apart from other viral one hit wonders. If you compare her with more recent breakout artists, Azealia Banks for example, she's lagging behind. Was "Gucci Gucci" just a fluke or does Kreayshawn have more to offer? Somethin' Bout Kreay draws influences from New Orleans Bounce and Chicago Juke, according to Pitchfork. It features production from Boyz Noise, Two Stacks and Diplo. This mastermind team behind Kreayshawn gives us hope for the upcoming album. We all know Diplo's been killing it lately and if Kreayshawn's lucky, he'll add some substance to her style. Look out for the release of Somethin' Bout Kreay's first single "Breakfast" next month. If the track is dope, we'll anxiously await the full album in the summer. If it's not, we hope she fades back into the recesses of the internet where she can smoke a joint with Smokahontas Jones.