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James Franco as Oz

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
James Franco to star in a new take on The Wizard of Oz James Franco's list of accomplishments this year is getting ridiculously long. Perhaps to remind us that he is still an A-list actor just as much as he is an author, curator, zebra (who knows anymore?), Franco is taking on The Wizard of Oz. Franco will play Oz himself in Sami Rami’s upcoming interpretation of "The Wizard of OZ." Re-titling the film to “OZ: The Great and Powerful” has already given the film a bit of a darker feel, fitting of both James Franco and Sam Rami. Besides Franco, Rami has packed his upcoming feature with stars like Mila Kunis, Zach Braff, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weiss, which, if nothing else, is certainly going to make for a more attractive OZ. While It’s sometimes a shame to tamper with a classic, Rami’s focus on the back-story of the wizard himself paired with the over the top imagery and hint of darkness, sounds like it just might work. But we'll have to wait quite a while for our trip back to the Emerald City, the film doesn't come out until March 8 2013. Watch the trailer for  Sam Rami's "OZ: The Great and Powerful" starring James Franco below.

Disney Does Joy Division Tee

Thursday, January 26th, 2012
Disney brings Ian Curtis and Mickey Mouse together on a tee shirt Disney has decided to resurrect the spirit of Joy Division, front man Ian Curtis, with a Joy Division shirt. It's weird, to say the least, but is this really any different than every Hot topic stocking Misfits gear or re-hashing Cobain's iconic image? The signature "wave forms" image came along with Joy Division's 1979 Unknown Pleasures album, which is one of the most influential masterpieces in the late 1970's punk era. Curtis was an iconic front man who harbored a mysterious, chaotic presence until he ended his short life in 1980 at the age of 23. The cover design originally referenced CP 1919, the first-known radio pulsar captured in space in 1967, and has since then served as a symbol for Ian Curtis fans on everything from ripped up band shirts to modern day tote bags. Oddly enough, Disney isn't breaking any copyright laws with the "Waves Mickey Mouse" tee. However, given Disney's clean image the choice to embrace Joy Division seems very off putting. What's next, a talking G.G. Allin doll that self-mutilates on demand? UPDATE: Disney has pulled the t-shirts to review the situation further. If you didn't already scoop one up you'll be fighting with someone on eBay to pay $200 plus for one. Scooped via: Rolling Stone

Follow The Leader

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
Dominique Young Unique releases her first video off her mixtape Glamorous Touch Dominique Young Unique wants you to follow the leader. The 19-year old Tampa Bay rapper, releases a video for her track 'Follow the Leader' off her mixtape, Glamorous Touch. Shot and edited by Johannes Schaff, the video features Dominique joined by her sister Jasmine, baby niece Alexis and friends, in a black and white world of Disney-ish creations (at times, it almost feels like a Kaws video). Press play above to check it out. Within a year of releasing her first mixtape, Domination, Dominique has gone on to perform alongside  N.E.R.D., Die Antwoord and Gucci Mane, open for Big Boy and Girl Talk, and this summer she will be touring Europe, including stops at Glastonbury and Sonar. Well on her way, 'Can you catch up with the leader?' may be more appropriate.

OC Embraces Techno Futurism

Thursday, November 18th, 2010
What do Daft Punk, Disney, and Opening Ceremony have in common? Opening Ceremony and Disney take you to The Grid. Inspired by TRON: LEGACY the upcoming sequel to the 1982 film, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim designed a collection of super-structured, lazer-cut and ergonomic styles for Opening Ceremony. Disney Consumer Products has been trying to wedge itself into the fashion world more and more, and the neon techno futuristic OC collaboration collection is a great move. That is, except for the 3as4 interpretation of identity-disk weapon. An unfortunate revival of the circle bag (that looks like something we might vomit into after a Disneyland ride) is shown on their site with visibly uneven seams that make this $575 bag the grenade of the collection. Other than that little blooper, the bright orange bomber jacket, and neoprene sock boots are robotic utopian visions that make us want to see the movie even more. Plus, Daft Punk scored the soundtrack for the film. Seems like a perfect fit. Check out some of our favorite pieces from the Tron Legacy Opening Ceremony Collection below.

Go Ask Alice

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The hype of Tim Burton's rendition of Alice and Wonderland has come and gone (until they start pushing for the DVD sales), but little Alice will always have a place in our kingdom. We just discovered that H. Stern, in conjunction with Disney, created 10 amazing Alice inspired rings. Each ring comes in two sizes: Extraordinary and Human dimension. Our favorite is the mushroom ring, we'd take a bite even if it would mean we'd grow tall or small. Via: Highsnobette