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A. Wang Hires Bon Qui Qui

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
Esscuuuuse you On top of everything else he’s good at, Alexander Wang knows how to generate some hype. For his spring 2013 campaign video, Wang hired Bon Qui Qui, legendary MAD TV character, to work at his New York flagship store. Although, Wang might want to reconsider his recent hire... Look out for cameos by A$AP Rocky, Allessandra Ambrosio, Shannan Click, and Simon Doonan, who might now forever be known as the "little wallpaper shirt man" as you watch  the Alexander Wang video featuring Bon Qui Qui below. It's a hilarious take on the DO’s and DON’T’s (it's no surprise the short was directed by Gavin McInnes) of retail.


Friday, September 14th, 2012
These things are all actually happening Yo writers! This magazine wants to pay you $2 an article. Fair, right? [Noisey] Lindsay Lohan had a dream. [Buzzfeed] When your period is late and you think you could be pregnant it is all that's on your mind... until you pee on that beloved truth stick. Good thing they are selling them in bars now. [Jezebel] Yet another reason to never have kids: taking them to a stripper exercise class would be weird. [Toronto Sun] Nicki Minaj X Gavin McInnes. [Street Carnage] Jewel is going to write a book for children. Is this what singers do when their hits are decades done? [Celebrity Babies]


Friday, March 16th, 2012
This week! This week! This week! Extreme exercise becomes child abuse. [CBC] Grand Daddy of "hip" Gavin McInnes writes a book titled, How To Piss In Public--awesome, but nothing compared to Judge Judy's writing debut, Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining. McInnes talks about everything from Vice to cool culture to Chris Brown. [Night Life] Remember when that old, sexist, bag of bones, Foster Friess, said that women should keep their legs closed as a form of birth control? Well, some of the chicks at XO Jane decided to see just how much sex they could have in the locked-knee position. [XO Jane] Lindsay Mound imagines Tom Ford via Twitter thoughts. [Glamour] Babe Rainbow, guys. Again with that guy. [Exclaim!] Community is back! Best tube news we've heard all year! Paper wrangles up the best moments. We love this show. [Paper Magazine] Our editor Mish Way on the bed bug epidemic for her VICE column, "Bed Bugs: How A Pantera Live Video Almost Ruined My Life." [VICE]

123 Hours

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
Gavin McInnes (founder of Vice, and self-proclaimed "asshole") and Jason Goldwatch (Decon Media) team up to document one of the weirdest contests: The Movie Watching World Record. With McInnes as host, the film titled "Million in the Morning" follows 8 contestants as they try to stay up for 123 hours to view 57 movies breaking the world record for longest viewing time. The rules are no drugs, no blinking, no sleeping, just watching.

“When I first got invited to document this world championship, I jumped at the chance. I always wondered about the kind of person that could push themselves like that and I thought it would be fun to come as close as I could to matching them hour for hour…I remember hearing the Scottish band, The Jesus and Mary Chain say that not sleeping was their favorite drug. I’d wanted to try it – I mean, really try the shit out of it ever since."

- Gavin McInnes

Here are some outtake clips we found online, but purchase the DVD here so you can own it for yourself, and watch it on repeat for 123 hours.