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Exclusive: Wax Idols “Dilno”

Monday, April 30th, 2012
Grass Widow and Wax Idols team up to take a fresh stab at female pleasure It's just like Hether Fortune (front woman of Oakland's rough-to-the-touch punk band Wax Idols) to write a song about masturbation. Better yet, a sex-positive, frustration ballad called "Dilno" that plays against the whole "Love Me Do" vibe of most lustful classics. Wax Idols debut LP "No Future" (Hozac Records) dropped earlier this year and has gathered nothing but critical acclaim for the pop-heavy garage album. Recently, Fortune teamed up with fellow musician (Hannah Lew of Grass Widow) to create a video for her jack-off swooner, "Dilno". "I think the aggressively sex-positive female perspective vibe is what turned Hannah onto this specific track, and she had a really strong concept for a video based on that," said Fortune. It made sense that Fortune approached Lew. Not only had the bassist made successful videos for Hunx and his Punx, Frankie Rose, Deep Time and King Tuff, but she got Fortune's approach to sexual politics. "Dilno seems to be largely about an expression of female desire-which was something I was very interested in visually representing," recalled Lew. "We've seen a million performances by women in movies or on stage where women are performing for men's eyes and carrying out male fantasies-but this song is very much about women's desire. Women's desire is caricatured a lot in pop culture and it's not often you see a piece where a woman is saying "this is my desire" and I think it's very refreshing." "Dilno" was filmed in Lew's band's practice space - a reformed industrial freezer filled with "cracked out older guys" (according to Fortune) who played endless blues riffs while they filmed. The results? Fortune hollers at the pieces of her personal bondage gear - Fortune is a BDSM pro-domme - slung over her amp, writhes on the floor and literally jumps out of her shoes in shrill. Pleasing to the eye, sexually charged, smart and crisp. "Passive female sexuality in music, the whole Barbie doll with a leather jacket on thing, is something that I discuss regularly both through my art and in general conversation," said Fortune. "This video is a true representation of my turn ons, my frustrations, my aesthetics, my personality. I'm not putting on costume and posing. This is how I live my life. Hannah knew how to represent that visually, instinctually, perfectly." Check out the exclusive debut of  Wax Idols "Dilno" below.


Friday, December 2nd, 2011
Wax Idols debut a new video for their song "Gold Sneakers" Oakland's biggest mouth piece, Hether Fortune, is back with a new music video for the Wax Idol's hit "Gold Sneakers." Fortune's band, Wax Idols, recently returned home from an American tour to support the release of their debut LP No Future on Hozac Records. Fortune's friend and film maker, Hayden Shiebler, created the video for "Gold Sneakers" --the song was written for Fortune's now deceased ex-boyfriend indie-punk Jay Reatard--which features Fortune walking through a maze of rooms in a dark, dream-like haze. Fortune told One Thirty BPM: "I’m really into the early videos by The Cure, like the ones from Staring At The Sea – The Images. Those videos were all very staged and dramatic, but also a little hokey. But, while these were the ideas for the approach, we actually had a pretty strong concept going into it. I am, obviously, in a bath and stoned, and I pass out. From there, you can interpret it as a bad dream or that I’m in limbo, but it’s a really miserable environment and you don’t really know what is happening." Check out the Wax Idols video for "Gold Sneakers" below. WAX IDOLS - GOLD SNEAKERS from Hayden Shiebler on Vimeo. Heard via: One Thirty BPM


Friday, October 14th, 2011
It's Friday. It's time to click on these links. Open up the teenage girl inside of you. Come on, you know she's in there somewhere hiding behind the birth control and years of horrible one-night-stands. [XO Jane] We love a good C-Love cameo. #bigshocker #Mishwritesthis [Rookie] Hana's whole Switch-A-Roo thang is just making us do a big, fat, cute fart. Let's enjoy the outtakes. [Sincerely Hana] This is oldish, but it represents our staff so well. [Vice] For all of us girls who grew up in an individualized, feminized sport... A must read. [Jezebel] Woman of the Year, Hether Fortune performing with her band, Wax Idols. Killing it, always. And then, tweeting about killing it because that's just the kind of girl she is. [Wax Idols] Do you like lemons as much as this little cutie? #dying [You Tube] Oh, and the future of fiction whether you like it or not, Ashton.#READ-THIS [The Awl]

Interview with Wax Idols

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
Front woman, Hether Fortune of the Wax Idols, tells us about the her rigorous stage rules, surviving on tour and her androgynous heroes. Wax Idols is the brainchild of Hether Fortune, a Bay Area musician who is know for both her musical talent and her relentless, Chrissie Hynde attitude. Fortune (who changed her name with her hair style) said she started Wax Idols, because she kept getting kicked out of other people's projects. "So, I just recorded a bunch of demos, put them on the internet and waited for the fish to bite." And the fish did bite, or rather she caught them--snatching up a band and releasing "All Too Human/William Says" 7 inch on Hozac Records along with some home job cassettes. Wax Idols debut album, No Future, drops this fall. Fresh from tour, we decided to ask the infamous Ms. Fortune a few questions. Read our interview with Hether Fortune of Wax Idols below. What is a Wax Idol? I have no fucking clue, man. Ask Bob Dylan. What do you love most about touring? What do you hate about it? I love traveling, meeting new weirdos, eating different food, realizing that people I don't know who I am and like my stupid band, driving (yes, I love driving), inside jokes, losing weight because I'm too stressed/broke to eat too much, playing with bands that I've never heard of that don't suck. I hate playing with bands I've never heard of that do suck, not having enough personal space, sleeping on floors, band mates that don't carry their own weight (hasn't happened lately), eating gross fast food which is always a mistake, unless it's Taco Bell, but that is usually a mistake too. What are your top three rules on stage? No fucking up, no long pauses between songs, no one talks except for me and I don't really say anything. How do you keep yourself in check when on tour? I do yoga whenever I can, don't do drugs unless they're free, count to ten before I yell at someone and make sure I get at least 30 minutes of alone time per day. If you could only bring five items on tour what would they be and why? Assuming the clothes on my back don't count, I'd say underwear that never gets dirty, obviously, a giant water bottle, Christian Death "Only Theatre of Pain" cassette, obviously, my phone and a sleeping bag, so, duh, I can sleep. How do you prepare for a show? Do some stretches, put on eyeliner, pop a Valium and cross my fingers. What bands are you really into these days? Total Control, Southern Death Cult, Nu Sensae, Wire, Buzzcocks, Tamaryn, Christian Death, Weekend, Wipers, The Slits, Terry Malts, Felt, Television Personalities and White Lung (not to kiss your ass, but seriously). What is the best tactic for trying to make-out on tour? "Look man, I really don't want to sleep on a floor tonight." Dude! That was the best line! How do fashion and music come together in your world? The way things look has always been pretty important to me. I don't really try to look a certain way, but I love clothes. I can't help it. I guess worlds collide on stage in both photo and video. How did you learn to write such amazing pop songs? Ha! I guess I'm a natural? Wait, you think my songs are "amazing"? Honestly, I have no idea how I learned to do anything. Determination, I suppose. I've been focused on music for as long as I can remember. The kid version of me would totally idolize the person that I am today, and that makes me really happy. Is it important for women to have female idols? Who do you look up to? Absolutely. Growing up, I didn't have very many obvious female idols. I was definitely more drawn to male artists and I have no idea why. A lot of them were pretty androgynous, guys like David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Robert Smith. But looking back, my mother was hugely influential and thank Godness for that! Unfortunately, the more dominant side of the family I was raised in (until I was about 12 and my mom divorced out of said family) didn't really celebrate women for anything other than cooking and giving birth. Nowadays, I really admire women like Patti Smith and Lydia Lunch. Strong, brilliant, intense women who weren't afraid to take risks and do whatever the fuck they wanted to do. Then there are all of my female peers, Tamaryn, you, Andrea from Nu Sensae, Shannon Shaw of Shannon & The Clams, my friend Hayden who can do pretty much anything and do it better than anyone else. Also, the drummer for Grass Window is fucking incredible. I could go on and on. Women!
What were you like as a child?
According to my mom I was really good! Well-mannered, intelligent, sensitive, a bit of a tomboy because I grew up with five brothers. I had a pretty rough childhood, so the fact that I was such a "good kid" is kind of confusing to me. That all changed when I hit my teen years, naturally. I actually wasn't that bad as a teenager. I mean yeah, I hated my parents, refused to wash my hair, snuck out, smoked weed, got drunk, moved out when I was 16, etc. etc. But I still did well in school. I graduated early with a pretty high GPA. I had a job. Whatever. What can we expect from Wax Idols? A bazillion records (unless I die suddenly), a US tour with Terry Malts this fall. That's all I have right now! I can barely keep track of everything I'm doing tomorrow, let alone months and years to come. Check out more Wax Idols on Hozac Records and follow Hether Fortune on Twitter, you won't be disappointed.