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Friday, November 30th, 2012
Too bad everyone is so sad Chris Brown quits Twitter in a rage after GQ writer Jenny Johnson calls him out. [Daily Beast] Whitney would be shaking her head from heaven if this actually happened. [AUX TV] No one should ever, EVER like Ke$ha this much. [Jezebel] Hey, people. You are a pussy if you think there is a war on men. That FOX News "research" was child's play. (Even the woman who wrote this drivel tried to back pedal on her insane theories.) [VICE] And two more reasons to love Geena Davis. [GOOD]


Friday, November 2nd, 2012
The election is so soon, guys Jason Mewes and a little dog. [Storyboard] Never thought this would be a title used to attract viewers, like, ever. [Elle] "Republican men need to shut up about rape forever." #MustReadOfTheWeek [Feministing] Speaking of men who need to shut up, did you see what Chris Brown wore for Halloween? [Billboard] The two incarcerated members of Russia's punk band Pussy Riot are in a prison outside of Moscow that was once part of Stalin's "Gulag" system. [BBC] Musicians on the key issues in the election. [SPIN]


Friday, October 1st, 2010
We're still waiting for the day Kate Moss doesn't look amazing. It will never come. [Knight Cat] “I wish I could wear a sign above my head that reads, ‘I do not know kung fu, I don’t eat fish, I don’t know how to make sushi, I’m not a horrible driver, I have sex but I’m not a sex slave, I’m not submissive, I failed math, I don’t speak any Asian language, please get to know me for me." Asian girls speak up about stereotypes and attraction. [The Awl] You want to be the ghost writer for Snooki's first novel? [Gawker] A different kind of bib for men. [The Cheeky] German man admits to raping and sexually assaulting 1,000 women. His skills were learned from Silence of the Lambs. He will probably only get the maximum of 15 years. F--k the system. [Times of India] Lohan's cell mate, Alexis Neiers (who was in jail for robbing her and other celebrities in the Bling Ring fiasco) is now writing a book. Yeah, we'll see. [Celebuzz]

Practice Makes Paris

Monday, August 30th, 2010
Of all the tabloid droids whose faces shine back at us when we're paying for our Vitamin Water at the corner store, Paris Hilton is really the true queen. Some might argue that Lindsay has recently taken over with her lesbian romance, flippant attitude towards judge appointed rehab and now, her recent jail time, but we still think Paris rules the Queendom. Paris Hilton was arrested, yet again, for cocaine possession. This time, the Hilton heiress was hanging on the Strip in Las Vegas in her boyfriend's Cadillac, when police smelt the marijuana they were smoking from the car. When confronted by the police, a seriously stoned Paris reached into her bag to apply some lip balm to her chapped lips but instead, a little bag of blow fell out. Whoops. In true tabloid droid form, Hilton immediately tweeted, "Hey Las Vegas! Turn on Channel 3 News Now xox!" After being released from police custody she tweeted, "In bed watching Family Guy." But the drug bust has a twist. When Paris got her mug shot snapped, the public went wild for her braided, maiden-fair-hair-do. As Amy Odell of The Cut pointed out, "Paris Hilton, however, is a mug-shot unicorn...her hair is remarkably flyaway-free." And Amy is right, unlike most celebrities whose mugshots look like grade nine year book disasters, Paris always comes out on top with her side-angled glance, bugling eyes and cockeyed grin. The look has taken her a while to master, but she finally got it right. The girl is a pro. Notice how in the "Best" mugshot her mascara remained perfect (no crying), skin looks shimmering golden (not flushed from paranoia) and her hair is on point (no wrapping her hands around her head in shame). Practice makes perfect to be anything you want to be. Just ask Paris.


Friday, July 23rd, 2010
Check it out! We got a new Round Up image. Moo. Ex-prisoner, Piper Kerman explains the reality of Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence in relation to prison time. "[Lohan] may choose to “talk on the vents” to the other prisoners by whispering into the air ducts, a common practice in many facilities." That's a good way to promote her amazing new song. [Daily Beast] MTV's Jersey Shore Season Two will air on July 29th but in the mean time you can enjoy a little piece of the Situation's family history. [Jezebel] Want some serious eye-candy? [Internet K-Hole] 17-year-old high school junior, Steven Ortiz, used the Craiglist barter section to trade some crappy old phone his friend gave him for a Porsche. [CNN] Tinsley Mortimer makes hand bags. Just like that crazy lady, Victoria (Jennifer Coolidge) in Sex and the City. [Fashionista] Can Sketchers Shape Ups look cool? (The answer is no, in case you're wondering.) [Refinery 29] Surprise. Women "can't drive." [Jalopnik]