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Friday, March 16th, 2012
This week! This week! This week! Extreme exercise becomes child abuse. [CBC] Grand Daddy of "hip" Gavin McInnes writes a book titled, How To Piss In Public--awesome, but nothing compared to Judge Judy's writing debut, Don't Pee On My Leg And Tell Me It's Raining. McInnes talks about everything from Vice to cool culture to Chris Brown. [Night Life] Remember when that old, sexist, bag of bones, Foster Friess, said that women should keep their legs closed as a form of birth control? Well, some of the chicks at XO Jane decided to see just how much sex they could have in the locked-knee position. [XO Jane] Lindsay Mound imagines Tom Ford via Twitter thoughts. [Glamour] Babe Rainbow, guys. Again with that guy. [Exclaim!] Community is back! Best tube news we've heard all year! Paper wrangles up the best moments. We love this show. [Paper Magazine] Our editor Mish Way on the bed bug epidemic for her VICE column, "Bed Bugs: How A Pantera Live Video Almost Ruined My Life." [VICE]


Friday, February 24th, 2012
Just keeping you informed; keeping you juiced. We learn our beauty tricks from teenagers. For real. D.I.Y. on the pre-teen bathroom scenes. #highbun #ballerina [PoisonFlowerIvy] At least some people are thinking about this. #TeenViolenceAwarenessMonth [Feministe] Sometimes we wish models would pose at shitty day jobs so we could know how the threads could really look. [Studded Hearts] For all those who make the rules...we need a change. [The Nation] R.I.P. Women guitarist Chris Reimer. [Pitchfork] When you see angels on earth or Judge Judy and Joan Rivers shopping together for jewelry in Williamsburg. [Color My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble] A domer doozie. [Nerve]


Friday, September 17th, 2010
The real life Sue Sylvester exists, except her version of the Cheerios are actually still eating Cheerios. [Animal New York] Angelina walks a dog down the runway at Fashion Week. Pauly D and the Situation have to wait in line to make jokes. [The Cut] Marc Jacobs models for his own products, has a kickin' bod covered in weird tattoos of kids cartoon characters and likes to party. He's the ultimate good-time gay who will make you feel square. Robert Foster investigates. [Platfm] A bear in Finland stretches her legs. The news calls it "yoga" [Observer] Craiglist "Adult Services" section is officially over and done with thanks to trafficking issues that were pointed out by some anti-trafficking activist groups. Although Craiglist's giant roster of sexual ads is now debunked, activist groups note that the internet is a big place. "Every pimp has a myspace page." [Salon] What's Jody been up to? [Jody Rogac Blog] Optical illusion constructed to slow down West Coast drivers. Another reason to not drive on acid. [Vancouver Sun] Judge Judy on computerized Ludes. This is insane. [Street Carnage]