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Try These 6 Summer Hairstyles

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
Get your hair did for summer Every season we are flooded with new accessories, clothes, and music, which creates a certain seasonal vibe. This summer got a little crazy (mainly crazy awesome) with things like the Maison Martin Margiela Diamond mask, Bas Koster cock leggings, and Q-pots candy jewelry. But some of the craziest has come from this season's hottest girls--more specifically their hair. Channeling Grimes, Azealia Banks, Yolandi Vi$$er, Kreayshawn, Rihanna and Betsey Johnson we have put together 6 summer hair styles you can do too. So go ahead and give them a try before the season changes as fast as these styles will. Click here to see your next summer hairstyle.

1. The Grimes "Flower Power" While this Canadian born star is not your traditional pop-princess, she certainly has taken inspiration from something super girlie: the flower. Pink on top for the bangs and Green on the bottom. While Grimes does change her hair pretty often (it might be purple on the bottom now?) just follow this one simple rule for achieving the Grimes "Flower Power"--dye your bangs one color and the ends of your hair another. (For full doppelganger effect try sporting some of her signature pussy rings as well.) Click here to see your next summer hair style.

2. The Azealia Banks "Mermaid Mane" Inspired by Azealia Banks's long locks in the Liquorice video, this hairstyle is extentions overload and might have been inspired by a religion that forbids the cutting of hair. To get this style head to your neighborhood hair extention salon and ask them for the longest hair extensions they have. If it reaches your hoo-ha you're on the right track. For full authenticity, dip dye them before putting them in. Click here to see your next summer hairstyle.

3. The Yolandi Vi$$er "Mullet" Taken from the littlest, blondest, member of Die Antwoord, Yolandi Vi$$er, this mullet is so short in the front it's almost not there. The back however is long and jagged, take note. To achieve the Yolandi Vi$$er "Mullet" follow these 3 steps. 1. Place a small bowl on your head and cut bangs 2. Take a handful of the hair around your crown and cut it above your fist 3. Jaggedly cut the ends of your hair. Click here to see your next summer hairstyle.

4. The Kreayshawn "De Ville" If you're feeling like making a coat out of a hundred and one spotted puppies this summer, the Kreayshawn "De Ville" is probably the right choice for you. Inspired by PETA's least favorite Disney character, Kreayshawn's black and white locks have us feeling nostalgic for the simpler times, when haters were just cartoon villains trying to ruin your plans with some "dastardly scheme." In order to achieve the Kreayshawn "De Ville"  channel the age old struggle between the dark and light and duke it out on your head. Avoid pairing this hairstyle with Gucci, Louis, Fendi, or Prada. Click here to see your next summer hairstyle. 5. The Rihanna "Rih-punzle Braid" If you're less of a drastic change kind of girl The Rihanna "Rih-punzle Braid" may be the thing you've been looking for to refresh your look for summer. This look pairs A$AP Rocky's braids and, going back a bit further, Rapunzel. To get the "Rih-punzle Braid" divide your hair into four sections and weave four tight braids to the bottom. Click here to see your next summer haristyle.

6. The Betsy Johnson "Classic" While Betsy has left parts of our life (bankruptcy can be a bitch) her hair can never be forgotten. Without a doubt one of the original crazy hairdos, Betsy's endlessly different-colored and jagged hairstyle is truly an inspiration to all crazy-hair loving girls everywhere. To pay homage to the mother of cray, try sporting The Betsey Johnson "Classic." Get your hair there by doing all of the above--coloring it any color, cutting it very short, add extensions, back comb it, and pair with bedazzled hair accessories. While Betsy's clothing line may not be around anymore, we are grateful her hair will always be. Need more hair inspiration? Check out the 6 summer hairstyles again.

Baby Kreayshawn Home Videos

Thursday, June 28th, 2012
Before Gucci Gucci it was Play Station Play Station Kreayshawn has put out a montage of home video adorableness she shot when she was 10 years old. From sleepovers dancing to "Oochie Wally" (kinda awkward) to clips of her parents (her moms obviously also had tattoos) and an introduction to her pet lizard (who just shed his skin), the video which Kreayshawn has titled "Baby Kreay @ 10 years old" gives us a glimpse into where the young rapper came from. Watch "Baby Kreay @ 10 years old" above.


Friday, May 18th, 2012
Bits and bobs Margaret Cho defends her Twitter freak-out and we are into it. [Jezebel] "I AM NOT A 'ROCK CHICK'." [Noisey] That Kreayshawn. [Buzznet] "Women were co-creators of the scene. It was ours, and we happily shared it." Alice Bag was the most important front woman of the late 1970's LA punk scene. #ViolenceGirl [LA Weekly] Chelsea Lately hates "50 Shades of Grey", but she may be the only one. What? Wait. Talk it out loud over this. [Paper Mag]

Kreayshawn’s Real Debut

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
Looks like it's going to be a make or break summer for Kreayshawn A year after she burst onto the scene with "Gucci Gucci," Kreayshawn is set to release a full-length album titled Somethin' Bout Kreay. Sure, there have been other "semi" releases since (including the 2 Chainz collaboration "Murder") but not enough set her apart from other viral one hit wonders. If you compare her with more recent breakout artists, Azealia Banks for example, she's lagging behind. Was "Gucci Gucci" just a fluke or does Kreayshawn have more to offer? Somethin' Bout Kreay draws influences from New Orleans Bounce and Chicago Juke, according to Pitchfork. It features production from Boyz Noise, Two Stacks and Diplo. This mastermind team behind Kreayshawn gives us hope for the upcoming album. We all know Diplo's been killing it lately and if Kreayshawn's lucky, he'll add some substance to her style. Look out for the release of Somethin' Bout Kreay's first single "Breakfast" next month. If the track is dope, we'll anxiously await the full album in the summer. If it's not, we hope she fades back into the recesses of the internet where she can smoke a joint with Smokahontas Jones.