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Thursday, November 21st, 2013

What some of your favorite musicians would look like today if they were still alive. Buy Proscar Without Prescription, If Kurt Cobain was still around in 2013, here is what he might look like. Sachs Media Group has partnered up with Phojoe to create a series of Rock and Roll musician's images using photo manipulation. The gallery says it's "a heartfelt tribute to the memory of beloved artists who helped shape generations of music fans, cheap Proscar no rx, Proscar no rx, in order to keep their memory alive for future generations." The Rock and Roll Heaven series includes Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Proscar pictures, Proscar dangers, John Lennon, Keith Moon, Proscar samples, Buy Proscar no prescription, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, generic Proscar, Where can i order Proscar without prescription, Elvis Presley, and Bob Marley, fast shipping Proscar. Real brand Proscar online, See more manipulated images of some of Rock and Roll's greats below.

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Celeb Mom Gift Guide

Friday, May 11th, 2012

A round-up of Mother's Day gifts for tabloid stars In addition to paparazzi and remarkable family dysfunction, we don't envy celebrity progeny on Mother's Day. Run-of-the-mill kids can knock off a handwritten card, pick some flowers and toast some Eggos but that's not going to fly with these A-list mamas. As if Angelina even eats Eggos. As if Teen Mom Jenelle can even read a card. Nope, if you want to make sure Katie Holmes fights for your custody at your parent's inevitable divorce hearing, you're going to have to deliver big time. We've put ourselves in the shoes of famous kids, from Courtney Love's Frances to Tina Fey's Alice, and shopped around. Our round-up of Mother's Day gifts include a pen, a bra, shoes, shirts and vibrators. If you still haven't found the perfect gift for your mom, maybe she'll be interested in one of our celebrity Mother's Day finds. Click here to see hearty's celeb mom gift guide! Mother's Day Pair: Maddox for Angelina Jolie We Suggest: "Fang" shoes by Iris van Herpen These exclusive "Fang" shoes by Iris van Herpen and United Nude are hot and a little bit scary, just like Angelina Jolie. They'll also come in handy if Angelina visits Maddox's birth country, Cambodia, during rainy season. Click here to see hearty's celeb mom gift guide! Mother's Day Pair: Frances Bean for Courtney Love We Suggest: IRO Lawrence Printed Tee with Kurt Cobains signature If we know Frances Bean even a little bit (and we like to think we do), it's not very likely she'll get sentimental with Courtney Love. A little over a week ago, Frances took control of her father's image and intellectual property away from her mother. Great timing with Mother's Day around the corner. This IRO Lawrence Printed Tee with Kurt Cobain's signature at the bottom would be a great way for Frances to rub some salt into the wound. Especially if she gets royalties. Click here to see hearty's celeb mom gift guide! Mother's Day Pair: Jace for Jenelle Evans We Suggest: Agent Provocateur baby lace satin bra The truth is, we're living in a time where teen mothers from North Carolina are front page tabloid stars. Jenelle got a boob job, y'all. Her baby, Jace, should crawl over to the keyboard and order her up Agent Provocateur's baby lace and satin bra. Something with a bit of class that might land him a step-father who hasn't been to jail. Click here to see hearty's celeb mom gift guide! Mother's Day Pair: Blue Ivy for Beyonce Knowles We Suggest: Maison Martin Margiela Ostrich feather pen In addition to incubating Blue Ivy (or did she?), Beyonce gave birth to an article for Essence magazine that won a journalist award. It seems like this white ostrich feather pen from Maison Martin Margiela would entertain both the baby and dubious writing career. Click here to see hearty's celeb mom gift guide! Mother's Day Pair: Suri Cruise for Katie Holmes We Suggest: Babeland Orgasm in a box Now 6 years old, Suri Cruise might clue into her dad's total gayness and her mom's abducted eyes. What Katie Holmes needs is Babeland's Orgasm in a Box. Katie's not the cautious and virginal Joey Potter we think she is. This lady has needs and there's no way they're being met by Tom Cruise. Seriously. Click here to see hearty's celeb mom gift guide! Mother's Day Pair: Alice for Tina Fey We Suggest: Vacation with a Thakoon Addition Maui Sweater Between two ferns? More like, between two palm trees. That's where Tina Fey deserves to chill for a bit after starring, producing and writing 6 seasons of 30 Rock. It seems like things are wrapping up for the show and Alice can get her mom used to the idea of a vacation with this Thakoon Addition Maui sweater. Click here to see hearty's celeb mom gift guide!


Friday, May 4th, 2012
What else is new? Our favorite American jewelry designer Pamela Love debuts her new lookbook for Fall '12. [Studded Hearts] Courtney News: The Bean owns all things Kurt. [VICE] Paying homage to the Spice Girls is sexy and complicated. Do you think Victoria Beckham likes it when people call her Posh? [Love Cat] This woman looks like a feces with eyes and a peach sweater. [Jezebel] Remember Four Loko? This is why it's (sort of) gone. [Olde Pay Phone] Let's talk about weight stereotyping for a minute here.... it's too real. [Glamour] Our Los Angeles blogger Yasi gives straight men the low down on why money matters. [AskMen]


Friday, November 18th, 2011
Just a collection of fun, you know? Blotter Homer. [Platform] After baring her breasts to an audience in Brazil, an angry Courtney Love stormed off stage after a fan held up a photo of her late husband Kurt Cobain. Love also followed up her on-stage rant with a press conference bad-mouthing Dave Grohl. We think she's back on "The Kook." [Punk News] Our favorite Canadian pop prince of sexual deviance, Mac de Marco releases a new EP Rock n' Roll Night Club. Every song screams sex and apparently "Mick Jagger's anus got stretched" during the recording. [Makeout Videotape] Have you ever battled this feminist issue? [XO Jane] Ludacris has the penmanship of a high school kid on acid. [Bullet] If this was a billboard, you know that tube of lipstick would be spray painted into a giant penis. [Elle]


Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
Troubled Romantics is inspired by the love story of The Cobains Urban Outfitter's has taken what they call "the greatest love story of Generation X" to inspire a new collection titled Troubled Romantics. Who are the "trouble romantics"? The "greatest love story of Generation X"? Well, it's Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain of course. The union of these two rock icons has inspired everything from books to blogs and now a clothing line featuring lace lingerie and ripped plaids, of course. Maybe Urban Outfitter's was trying to channel the glamorous life of heroin addiction and gas-station-dinners that Love and Cobain had in the early 90s, but the clothing looks more like a throw-back to Stevie Nicks--coincidentally, one of Love's idols--mixed with some hodge-podge brand of California-chic. Romantic? Maybe. Troubled? Maybe. Inspired by The Cobains? You decide.


Thursday, May 6th, 2010
Seattle forever holds the stamp of "grunge" and the legacy of Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain was an icon, whether he wanted to be or not, and the story of Nirvana is one that we all know, but perhaps don't fully understand. Curator of The Seattle Art Museum, Michael Darling, is going to help change that. The Kurt Cobain exhibit, which runs May 13 - September 16, 2010, will include works from Rodney Graham, Douglas Gordon, Jennifer West and Elizabeth Peyton, among other contemporary artists, but this tribute will not be an easy quest. "Kurt Cobain symbolized the ideals, aspirations and disappointments of the ’90s generation, and a diverse array of artists have incorporated his image into their work to comment on those issues." More information can be found here.