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Friday, April 27th, 2012
Pregnant is the new black. Did you guys go to Coachella? Did you make-out with that hologram? These girls didn't, but their phones might have. [Cultist Zine] Oh, and speaking of holograms...TLC might be back. [New York Times] As women's health shrivels like a penis in a freezing cold swimming pool, we ask why all the anti-choice? [Gallup] Hold the phone. Slutever went blonde. The world is officially round. [Slutever] Megan Fox has that dude from 90210 living inside of her. [E!Online] How does one get on a first name basis with Bieber and Oprah? Stalking. Do we love her or feel really bad for her? [Jezebel] Maybe us big city girls need to ditch the chemicals and get high off running? [New York Times]

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
Someone figured out which states have the biggest ding dongs. Literally. [Thought Catalog] It's December now which means end of the year top tens all around. What did you Google this year? Megan Fox? Oil spills? Britney Spears? Really? [Yahoo] Looks like being pregnant is the new black. [The Cut] Super sexy abdominal thrust commercial makes the Heimlich maneuver into a Victoria secret-esque sex stimulation. [Vimeo] Jezebel raises $15,000 so Catelynn and Tyler from Teen Mom can go to college. Hearts melt all over cyber space. [Jezebel] A silly little marriage of Jonathan Richmond, Mark E. Smith and art school music video attempts. We heart Peace. [Vimeo]


Friday, May 28th, 2010
Our favorite 45-year-old rock star, Courtney Love is interviewed by Phantom Radio 105.2 in Dublin and she pulls a "Letterman days" move (refusing to get off the air). When the host says, "I like the song Loser Dust..." she says, "That's so gay." [Courtney Love] Megan Fox is too skinny for movies about cars that turn into soldiers. [Jezebel] Pouring alcohol into your eye balls to get drunk faster is the new black in Britain. [Daily Mail] Sarah Burton has some big shoes to fill over at The McQueen residence, but we think the old girl can do it. [Vogue] Lynn Hirshberg (the same journalist that Kurt and Courtney threatened to kill via voicemail after she said Courtney used heroin while pregnant in a 1992 issue of Vanity Fair) recently did a piece for The New York Times about M.I.A. M.I.A wasn't happy, so she posted a tasty tweet in rebuttal. Then, New York Magazine covered the "Ten Harshest Points" in Iceberg Hirshberg's article. (Really, was that necessary?) Maybe M.I.A. will get some love in her and writes a song called, "Payback's a bitch." [New York Times] Why Basketball Wives is sad for women everywhere. [Parlour] Peanut butter and jelly go together. But supposedly not Brooks Brothers and Comme de Garcons. [Vice]