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Listen: Grizzly Bear “Shields”

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Grizzly Bear attacks with "Shields" Fans of Grizzly Bear rejoice. While their new album, Shields, isn't officially out until next week, you can listen to it now in it's entirety thanks to NPR. The album--which had a lot to live up to after the success of the band's previous album, Veckatimest--doesn't disappoint. It sounds like classic Grizzly Bear doing what they do best: mixing an intoxicating blend of folk and fluid sound, leaving us entranced and a bit inebriated. Drink it up! Listen to Grizzly Bear's new album Shields, via NPR's first listen below.


Friday, June 22nd, 2012
The sounds of summer on this week's round up... Here's scientific proof that dubstep makes you want to kill people. [LA Weekly] If in 20 years, you've only bought 15 albums, this may be a sign that you shouldn't be writing about music. [Noisey] June 19th is officially Justin Bieber Appreciation Day in Manhattan. [Complex] This is what the internet is doing to hip hop. [YouTube] Yoko + Sonic Youth = YOKOKIMTHURSTON [Rolling Stone] A super nerdy breakdown of the 40 greatest band names of all time. [Spin] Plus, what have you done with your tits lately? [Gawker]

Listen: Beach House “Bloom”

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Listen to Beach House’s Bloom in full
This has been a pretty great month for indie music we've been long waiting for. Animal Collective just released two new songs, and now, everyone’s favorite oceanside-ice-cream-cone-summer-sun band, Beach House is sneak peaking their new work. The highly-anticipated follow-up album to Teen Dream, Bloom, is now available at NPR to stream in its entirety. It’s just as dreamy, nostalgic, and sun-tinged as we’ve been wishing for. Let the summer begin! Beach house's Bloom will be officially released on Sub Pop May 15. For now listen to the album on NPR here.

Björk is Hollow

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
Björk brings together music and science in her new video "Hollow" When you think about Björk, you imagine her up to something weird. And we don't mean weird in a bad way, but more in the way of something interesting, yet...weird. For her latest video "Hollow" she worked with a biomedical animator and the result is beautiful kaleidoscope-looking moving images. Whether your a fan of the song or not, it's an interesting cross section between genres of science and music. In an email to NPR she describes the idea behind Hollow as: It's just the feeling when you start thinking about your ancestors and DNA that the grounds open below you and you can feel your mother and her mother, and her mother, and her mother, and her mother 30,000 years back. So suddenly you're this kinda tunnel, or trunk of DNA ... All these ghosts come up so it ended up begin a Halloween song and quite gothic in a way ... It's like being part of this everlasting necklace when you're just a bead on a chain and you sort of want to belong and be a part of it and it's just like a miracle. If you happen to have missed the release of of her new video for "Hollow" on NPR two weeks ago because you were doing something weird too, not to worry--here it is again. Watch Björk's video for "Hollow" below.

Fucked Up’s New Rock Opera

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Fucked Up makes a rock opera about a guy who works at a light bulb factory

You can pre-listen to Fucked Up's new rock opera David Comes to Life over on NPR, (who are unable to spell out the band's name in its entirety), before the album is officially released June 7 on Matador. Suggested reading during your listen: our past feature interview with Sandy Miranda, bass player of Fucked Up.

Panda Bear’s Tomboy

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
Tomboy is the newest album from Panda Bear aka Animal Collective's frontman, Noah Lennox. Whether he works on his own or with his band, every song this man touches turns into musical gold. Magazines and blogs alike fall over themselves to sing his praises and prop his albums up at the top of "Best Of" lists year after year. This year should be no different. Recorded in an isolated basement studio, Tomboy is colored a shade or two darker than his last solo album, 2007's Person Pitch. In true Panda Bear style, catchy electro-pop melodies are twisted around with synths and sequencers to create a sound that is moody yet perforated. Until April 12th, you can stream the entire album exclusively here at NPR.

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