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Dylan Adair for Sometimes

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
sometimes On the morning of August 6 2009, Montreal graphic designer, Dylan Adair, woke up to celebrate his daughter’s birthday and got the news that we had lost John Hughes. He was so bummed out that he watched a John Hughes film each night for a week. The outcome was these John Hughes tribute t-shirts for Sometimes. Sometimes is a side project created by writer and photographer. Paul 107. 'It’s an excuse to make stuff,' Paul 107 says. 'Often times people have dialogues about making stuff but it never actually happens. Well, Sometimes is a vehicle for that. We are going to make stuff and help others make stuff as well.' Available for girls and some boys here. sometimes2

Blog Love

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
picture-61Writer, photographer and most importantly our friend Paul Labonté aka Paul 107 is someone to heart. Not only is Paul one of Montreal’s best dressed he is also the author of the award winning All City: The Book About Taking Space and Bully: It's the Pits, two books every coffee table should be adorned with. A man of many endeavors, Paul, also runs his own production company Secondhand Projects and still finds time to make us smile with his blog: In Other News. Paul, if we are the female version of Voltron does that make you Amalgamus?