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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

How many strings are attached to your sex life?

Birmingham, UK artist Helen Flanagan’s ongoing project, “No Strings Attached” is a photo series that captures a side of soliciting for sex online. Flanagan contacted people whose ads appeared on internet sex sites and convinced them to be photographed. Some of the subjects obscured their faces, others sat proud, expressionless, and at least one exposed himself like a man with nothing to lose. This project “aims to document an online world that revolves around sex”, Flanagan explains. “And looks deeper at current issues such as technology, modern human relations and sexuality.” There are obvious lines between prudishness, prostitution and no-strings-attached sex--Flanagan aims to squeeze in between these lines and find out more about modern sexuality, while delving into the human psyche. What she finds is something intimate, revealing and just a little bit heart breaking. See some of Helen Flanagan’s “No Strings Attached” series below.


Saturday, September 26th, 2009
bikini barista washington So in Evertt, Washington there is a Grab-n-Go Espresso Hut where the female employees make and serve all types of coffee in bikinis. Norms. Yesterday five of the female bikini baristas were charged with prostitution after being accused of sexual and lewd behavior. According to HeraldNet, Police said that for $80 the girls were letting customers watch them strip while fixing drinks and allowing the men to touch their breasts and butts. The investigation on this "barista brothel" had been going on for about two months and in that time detectives witnessed the employees licking whip cream off one another's vaginas, posing naked on the drive thru ledge and play a daily game where the girls caught wads of cash in their underwear. Apparently, the breast touching is considered a legal form of prostitution and therefore, the female employees were charged, but not arrested. They will appear in court to testify misdemeanor charges. We have a few questions... If these women are facing prostitution charges where are the espresso sippin' men who were acting in the position of John? Are they being charged for their participation in this sexual exchange? Has any attention even been paid to the acts that they committed? Of course not. Secondly, more questions need to asked about why these women were doing this. Could this sexualized form of roadside mocha sales be a product of the low wages being a barista offers? We doubt these girls were doing this because it is awesome, satisfying or fun. Or you know what? Maybe they did feel it was a suitable exchange? We can't advocate for their actions, but the story speak volumes about gendered employment, sexism, and social access. What do you guys think?