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Williamsburg’s New Hotel

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Williamsburg has a nice new hotel Willy B hipsters now have a place for their friends to stay, that is, other than their couches. The Wythe Hotel is a new flop on the Williamsburg waterfront located at 80 Wythe. The red brick building, which has had a $32 million dollar facelift, was originally a factory that made barrels and casks. The now 72 room hotel features rooms with floor to ceiling windows, heated concrete floors and artisinal mini bars. The hotel offers valet parking but, in true Brooklyn style, also has a bike share option. As far as eats, there is no room service but you can pop down to Reynards, which is the farm-to-table restaurant located on the main floor, for food prepared by the staff butcher. Rooms start at a reasonable $179 per night and the place looks nice enough for your parents to stay. Your friends will probably keep flopping on your couch. Info borrowed from: NY Times


Monday, September 14th, 2009
567roomservice Room Service is like the cool kid from middle school's basement everyone sneaks over to when they say they're just sleeping at a friend's house--and then everyone tries beer for the first time on the trampoline and watches skateboard videos. So it would make sense that this store is former stylist Pascale Bertea's home away from home. The girls who work at the store all look like they just rolled out of bed with braids in their hair, slipped on some vintage Dior heels (they don't care about), and lit up a cigarette to spite their perfect skin. Tucked away on a side street in the Les Halles district, the store boasts a mix of local designers and Paris vintage at not-too-high prices wrapped up in a mystical birds' nest of bangles and necklaces, this store is not to be missed.