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Friday, September 17th, 2010
The real life Sue Sylvester exists, except her version of the Cheerios are actually still eating Cheerios. [Animal New York] Angelina walks a dog down the runway at Fashion Week. Pauly D and the Situation have to wait in line to make jokes. [The Cut] Marc Jacobs models for his own products, has a kickin' bod covered in weird tattoos of kids cartoon characters and likes to party. He's the ultimate good-time gay who will make you feel square. Robert Foster investigates. [Platfm] A bear in Finland stretches her legs. The news calls it "yoga" [Observer] Craiglist "Adult Services" section is officially over and done with thanks to trafficking issues that were pointed out by some anti-trafficking activist groups. Although Craiglist's giant roster of sexual ads is now debunked, activist groups note that the internet is a big place. "Every pimp has a myspace page." [Salon] What's Jody been up to? [Jody Rogac Blog] Optical illusion constructed to slow down West Coast drivers. Another reason to not drive on acid. [Vancouver Sun] Judge Judy on computerized Ludes. This is insane. [Street Carnage]


Friday, January 29th, 2010
Two teenagers (ages 12 and 13) were handed out heavy felony charges after being caught sending "sexts" (sexy text messages) to one another. In this case, the two were exchanging nude photos of themselves and in result, were charged with child exploitation and possession of child pornography. If convicted, the middle schoolers could be required to register as sex offenders. Um, okay, what?! By this logic, every six-year-old kid who plays doctor with her six-year-old neighbor is worthy of psychological assesment and jail time. We thought these laws were meant to protect children and not be insanely misused to shame teens about their totally natural sexual exploration? Via: The Chicago Tribune