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Grindr Illustrations

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

These come from real Grindr profile pictures Thank goodness for trivial Tumblrs that allow us to divert our minds from those petty matters like work through week. Grindr Illustrated is just the latest time waster that transforms somewhat suggestive, sometimes creepy, always intriguing Grindr "portraits" (read gratuitous selfies and body shots) into watercolor masterpieces. The first photo was posted only two months ago with the title, "Really need a job!!". That's what we were going to suggest. But hopefully the creator of Grindr Illustrated won't find one until we've all had our fill. See more of the illustrations below.

Via Paper Mag


Friday, October 12th, 2012
Here's a couple things to get you through the weekend... Nasty Gal's photographer, Devyn Galindo, talks face. [Into the Gloss] Social media > sex? [Jezebel] First look at the Bienis? [Noisey] Producer drops on producer drops. [Complex] Hot tub exercise bike, it's a real thing. [Mashable]

Be Jay-Z on Facebook

Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Tired of your life? Try out Jay-Z's If you've got time, patience and money to burn, Jay-Z's new Facebook game might be your new favorite pastime. The game is called Empire and it takes your virtual self through Jay-Z's rise to fame. First you choose your gender and skin color, then you collect points by visiting your mother, winning rap battles and gambling on dice throws. It sounds more exciting than it is. Mostly you just point and click. We didn't get past the Marcy housing projects level because the only reward for hustling in the baseball field was a Kangol beret. We also tried to dress up in a denim one piece but Facebook charged us $2. It turns out you have to buy a lot of stuff for this game. In fact, just to keep playing you need energy points that cost money. The other option is to enlist your Facebook friend to join in on Empire and post everything to your news feed. You might rise to the top of Empire with a yacht in South Beach but no one is going to know because you'll be universally blocked. This whole Facebook game thing is part of Jay-Z and Beyonce's recent social media push. Since January, the couple's ramped up their Twitter and Tumblr profiles too. Jay-Z released his dad rap track "Glory" online and announced it via Twitter. They also debuted their baby's first photos on Tumblr and followed it up with Beyonce's Tumblr full of candid photos. Maybe since the birth of Blue Ivy they feel like they need to get hip to what the kids are doing. Where's your Pinterest, Hov? (Here's ours.) See more screencaps of Jay-Z's Facebook game Empire below.


Friday, July 29th, 2011

Every Friday we round up some of the best links from some of the best sites to make sure you don't miss 'em

Morrissey equates the Norway massacre to eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken. [Gawker]

An open letter to girls searching to fill the pressure of obtaining both a boyfriend and job. [Thought Catalog]

An interview with Los Angeles band, Puro Instinct. [Pop Manifesto]

We're kind of obsessed with super model, Charlotte Free and her personal style (however, we could do without the Slayer shirts and "rock on" hand gestures #AlittletooAvril). [Fuck Yeah, Charlotte Free]

Yes, you are right, Alexis Orgera. All writers do this. We pimp out the world for our own glory. [HTML Giant]


Friday, July 15th, 2011
Every Friday we round up of some of the best stories from some of the best sites from the past week. This week is our 69th Round Up, and in honor of that special number the links will be mostly sexual, enjoy. New California Governor requires public schools to teach Gay History. Possible Course Titles - "Androgyny and its Discontents", "Homosexual Movements: Voguing, Twerking and Drag", "Lesbian Sex Scenes Throughout History in Film" OR "Why The Kids are Alright is Offensive". [CNN] If you can't orgasm Fox News gives you 7 ways to get off during sex. Of course Fox News tells us that it's the woman's issue--you've got anorgasmia! We say: #8 Start boning someone who's better in bed. [Foxnews] Paz de la Huerta has NO trouble getting off--even Elvis' spirit makes her come. Huh? [NYTimes] And we just came--twice. Social networking banned in China? Think again--a facebook/twitter hybrid that works better than both. #thankyousocialmediagod [Motherboard] Looking back we see how fake our hype was for the Jay-Z x Kanye album now that Weezy and Lil B are throwing us collaboration tracks off Wayne's new mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait! #thankyoubasedgod #YMCMB #WayneLetMeHaveYourKids [Story via MTV, Download via DatPiff] We are now accepting submissions for a "best of planking pics" list that will top this one. Email photos to: [Buzzfeed]


Friday, December 17th, 2010
Remember that game called "Hipster or Homeless?" This scarf is the epitome of that game. [Self Made Co.] Can you really put a McRib in truffle oil and call it a "delicacy"? They tried. [Fancy Fast Food] Some kids are so cute you want to squeeze them so tight that their little heads pop off. If this kid keeps playing his guitar he'll become a major explosive. You must watch this. [Youtube] End genocide and crimes against humanity. #George Clooney [Enough] This is what happens when Botox and Christmas have drunken sex. #jabmyeyesoutnow [Celebuzz] MTV announces The Music Meter, a place where up and coming artists are judged on their social media hits and plucked up like little eggs ready to hatch. Is this a good thing? Probably not. [Blog Herald]