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DJ Soul for Staple Mix on Shirt

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

STPL re-release a mix by DJ Soul--on a tee shirt A decade is a good long chunk of time, but sometimes, as the saying goes, time just flies by. Well, it's been over a decade (13 years to be exact) since DJ Soul created The Prescription mixtape for Staple back in 1999. To pay homage to the mix (and their long standing friendship) STPL is re-releasing the mix--but this time, on a tee shirt. The Prescription has been re-recorded for sound quality purposes, transferred onto a flash drive and then stitched onto a shirt, which features a graphic of three cassette tapes, that say across each tape: "This is Dedicated," "To the ones," "Who kept fronting." To celebrate the release Jeff Staple will be DJing at Big Fun tonight along with DJ Soul, and hosts Hana May, Dice and Alexandra Estevez. Listen to "The Prescription" and check out the flyer below.

Art by Art Jacobs Tee

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
Marc Jacobs turns a graffiti prank into a $689 t-shirt Last week, graffiti artist Kidult--who is known for tagging up the storefronts like colette, Louis Vuitton and Supreme--made his mark on the Marc Jacobs Soho store. While everyone was chilling at the Met Ball, Kidult painted 'ART' in huge, spindly pink letters across the front of the shop. But unlike his other victims, Marc Jacobs enjoyed the prank--first tweeting about it, calling the work "Art by Art Jacobs" (Kidult responded to tweets in his own way, tweeting a picture of the store front clean up) and now, by making a t-shirt out of it. The 'Art by Art Jacobs' tee which features a picture of Kidult's work is selling for $689 at Marc Jacobs. We wonder if Kidult is upset his anti-capitalism graffiti is being turned into a marketing ploy? Or if he is thinking "touché"? It does appear Kidult will have his own versions of the shirt available for purchase this Friday via his website.

Disney Does Joy Division Tee

Thursday, January 26th, 2012
Disney brings Ian Curtis and Mickey Mouse together on a tee shirt Disney has decided to resurrect the spirit of Joy Division, front man Ian Curtis, with a Joy Division shirt. It's weird, to say the least, but is this really any different than every Hot topic stocking Misfits gear or re-hashing Cobain's iconic image? The signature "wave forms" image came along with Joy Division's 1979 Unknown Pleasures album, which is one of the most influential masterpieces in the late 1970's punk era. Curtis was an iconic front man who harbored a mysterious, chaotic presence until he ended his short life in 1980 at the age of 23. The cover design originally referenced CP 1919, the first-known radio pulsar captured in space in 1967, and has since then served as a symbol for Ian Curtis fans on everything from ripped up band shirts to modern day tote bags. Oddly enough, Disney isn't breaking any copyright laws with the "Waves Mickey Mouse" tee. However, given Disney's clean image the choice to embrace Joy Division seems very off putting. What's next, a talking G.G. Allin doll that self-mutilates on demand? UPDATE: Disney has pulled the t-shirts to review the situation further. If you didn't already scoop one up you'll be fighting with someone on eBay to pay $200 plus for one. Scooped via: Rolling Stone