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New Step Ahead! Julia Wertz

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Julia Wertz, Graphic Novelist

"28-year-old graphic novelist, JuliaWertz named her latest book, “Drinking At The Movies” after one of her favorite activities. Every week, Wertz would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan, buy a big beer and go see a movie on her credit card points, alone. Lately, she’s dropped the beer from the equation altogether, which she says was “probably the best decision I’ve ever made.” Now, instead, she eats burritos." Read more about our favorite graphic novelist Julia Wertz in our new Step Ahead feature that drops today! She also gave us some never before seen "Choice Words" on fashion--in cartoon form. Read and see it here.


Friday, March 26th, 2010
Gawker lists the Eight Types of People to Unfollow on Twitter of Defriend on Facebook. The one we agree with the most? The Fisher. This person posts things like,"I am the luckiest girl in the world guys and you'll never guess why..." and waits for the "who, what, when, why, how's" of concern to come rolling in. Barf. You were thinking it, you were just too lazy to write it all down. [Gawker] This condom ad is amazing. [Let Me Buy You An Dranks] Kenrya at Parlour comes across a list of Types of Bitches (a scribbled note found on the floor of a 3rd grade classroom in DC) and it throws her into a deep blog post about imitation and language. We like bitches 20 (Loudmouth Bitches), 29 (Crazy Bitches), 59 (Gay Bitches) and 77 (Suntanning Bitches) the best. [Parlour] Thank god for cartoonist, Julia Wertz and her attitude problem. [The Fart Party] Apparently Ke$ha is rumored to be gracing the cover of Teen Vogue. One commenter said that Teen Vogue's beauty editor tweeted "don't believe everything you read" in reference to the Ke$ha claim. In this case, we hope that little colloquialism is true. [Fashionista]

The Fart Party

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
2006-07-23We've talked about Julia Wertz before but since she's the artist behind our favorite comic, The Fart Party, we figure more information about her is in order. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Julia graduated university and then migrated to New York where she currently, and begrudgingly, resides. Julia writes comics that are filled with stories of cynicism towards everything (babies, trees, the subway) to simple conversations with boyfriends and her mother. Besides writing The Fart Party, Julia also edits a comic collection called I Saw You-- an anthology of real life misconnections penned into hilarity. For more of Julia's work go here. 2007-01-15