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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
The smartest stoners around We are excited to hear Jezebel's infamous sex advice program "Pot Psychology" is coming out with a book called, How To Be: Lowbrow Advice From High People. Created by Tracie Egan-Morrissey and Rich Juzwiak, we expect this book will be just as entertaining (if not more) than the series. You all remember Pot Psychology, right? It went like this: Tracie and Rich would get really, really stoned and then answer sex questions that random viewers had written in. Usually they would film the show in a walk-in closet or Tracie's bedroom. Sometimes they would have guests like ex-Top Model contestants and stuff, but the guests would usually get too stoned to deal. Tracie recently had a baby and Rich is busy with his job at Gawker, so Pot Psychology has been dead for a while now. But, they've dusted off the bongs to bring us the book this November and a promise of new episodes in May.


Thursday, May 5th, 2011
Bin Laden was a stoner? [Mrs. Moz] And obviously this joke was going to be made. [Huffington Post] How would you even get high on bath salts? Seriously? We'd like to know. [News] How jealous are you of Charlotte Rust's home? Beautiful balcony, beautiful loft, beautiful bed, lucky plush living. [Studded Hearts] Vivienne Westwood on the reason why punk was just an excuse for people to "run around," why people her age know that punk has no credibility and the why the 20th century was a mistake. Oh, and the Tate Modern is "superficial." [Guardian UK] Japanese nail craze. [AnOther Magazine]