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Party Pants

Monday, October 4th, 2010
As the nights get longer and longer, keep the party going with a pair of pants that dazzle like the sun on open water. They come in a variety of hues from Young Fabulous & Rich's demure black leggings to the more show-stopping Alice + Olivia red ones. J.Crew made them in a standard trouser cut while Viktor Viktoria hammerd out a pair of hammer pants. The trend is bi-continental this season with Suno's "animal beaded" leggings hailing from New York and sequin-embellished leggings by Paris Fashion Week darling, Isabel Marant. For a cheaper gold fix, check out "The Allover Sequin" legging by's *NYC boutique. Most importantly, those blue ombre puppies are only available for a matter of hours at so time is of the essence. Sequin away! (clockwise from top left) 1. Mannish Arora, from 2. Suno, $680 3. Isabel Marant, £1,140.43 4. Young Fabulous & Broke, $225 5. *NYC Boutique, $25.95 6. Alice + Olivia, £165.96 7. Viktor Viktoria, $29.99 8. J.Crew, $650

Hearty Hearts Silly Bandz!

Friday, July 23rd, 2010
We don't care how silly they are we're totally into Silly Bandz (plus, being silly is totally the point). Our little nieces and nephews introduced us to the trend and now we can't stop. A rabbit, a milkshake, a guitar, even a mermaid, there's a silly band for everyone. Plus, you can  make some new friends (new way of networking) trading the bracelets. Silly Bandz are like the modern day Pogs and we have a feeling this trend is just getting started. Our favorites include the SillyALPHA, SillyPRINCESS, SillyFANTASY and SillyROCK. Check 'em out below.


Monday, April 5th, 2010
Dear Leather Shorts, Re: Please don't chafe us this summer Hey slick, how goes it? Damn you look tight. Tight like Rachel Zoe's new neck. "A-ma-zing." You are not an easy thing to pull off, especially in the summer. You are like Kate Moss in Daisy Dukes and gum boots--a frickin' fabulous one time deal. So we hear that you are all the rage for Spring 2010. Did you come back because Cherie Currie came back in a big way, or are you just sneaking in for one last hurrah before you retreat back to the '80s? Whatever the reason, you are here and we should embrace you (even though you chafe us sometimes). What should we match you with? Where should we take you? And how the hell do we wear you when it starts getting really hot? Polyvore had some ideas about your best matches (you look cute from Surface to Air) and we're going to use that as a blueprint until we figure out how to master you on our own. Big Love, Pale Legs & the Girls Attached to Them Images via Refinery 29, Polyvore, Google

Bright Hair, Big Trend

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Photo by Tim Barber

Pastel hair has crept it's way back into the mainstream. We blame the 90's grunge revival, now seeing green and lavender locks everywhere from the runway to the streets--except on the heads of those who already did the whole Kool Aid thing back when Kurt Cobain did in '92. Here's a look at some of our favorite recent moments of the resurrected punky colors.

Gosh damn, yes! She's like some digital version of Tank Girl.

Inspiration Nation.

Even the models are doing it.

This is Marilyn Ares. She runs Thunderhorse Vintage in Sacramento, California and she came out the womb with this do.

Kate Moss goes for pink hair, round two.

And last summer, even I got drunk enough to let my friend, Leah, dump some Kool Aid into my hair.

But I think it all started when Frenchy screwed up in beauty school and ended up with "Easter egg" hair. She was ahead of her time.