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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
A hearty mix of music to surf to--the web we mean. As usual, this week's hearty mix brings you a healthy combination of the old and the new, punk and pop, sweet and sour and all that tasty stuff. Featuring some up-and-coming prairie bands, Grown Ups and The Group Sound (who knew?), Liam Gallagher's new band, North Carolina's finest punk four-some (again), Brain F/, as well as our favorite pro-sex anthem from the 90's best female rap group, this mix is a salute to summer. See you later, sun. Listen to HEARTY MIX XIV here. To see what you're getting yourself into check out the HEARTY MIX XIV playlist below.

Sam - Boss Hog The Roller - Beady Eye Talking About You - The Liverbirds Howling At The Moon - The Ramones Secret Girlfriend - The Group Sound Get in the Car - Francis and the Lights Spiritual Cramp - Christian Death Tear Ya Down - Motorhead Read It And Weep - Grown Ups Back Seat of My Car - Dwarves Marathon Tops - Brain F/ Rock n' Roll Massacre - Vice Squad Antonia Jane - Lightning Dust I Can't Make Your Way - The Yardbirds None of Your Business - Salt n' Pepa Breaking the Girl - Red Hot Chili Pepppers Miss Candy Trust - Dolly Mixture Walking in the Jungle - Beach Bitches Girlfriend Island - Frankie Rose Try The Worrin' Way - The Fabulettes Snake Eyes - Crazyhead Teen Love - No Trend

Image via Internet K-Hole