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I spent the last week and a half in Kauai, Hawaii. My good friend Jeff's parents own some timeshares in Princeville and they were kind enough to let Anthony and myself stay with them. Our friends Ming and Tyler also came along in search of summer surfing so we had a decent crew. Anthony had just come off an ACL surgery and I've been nursing that hurt ankle so we were a bit more on the R&R schedule than the catching waves schedule. I'm a terrible surfer, apparently standing sideways for a living doesn't help at all when it comes to standing sideways in the ocean, but I did my best and got three days in the water before the surf died. It's a really frustrating sport, but one that I'd really like to get better at, hopefully I'll get some more chances this summer.

Almost every morning we'd make the short drive in to Hanalei center and have coffee and treats at a local coffee joint called Java Kai. The coconut dream was one of the best coffees I've ever had and they had the most delicious macaroons. They put coconut in everything in Hawaii and I have no issues with it. We spent most days laying in the sun and playing in the ocean at Hanalei Bay. One of my favorite things about Kauai is that most of the beaches are public access and for the most part only houses line the shores if any at all. There isn't very many huge resorts on this island, it really has the small town feel to it and that's just how the locals like it. It's really strange to be in a place so untapped and still be in America. Everyone is really nice and welcoming and for the most part they're happy to share their home with visitors. It's a refreshing outlook compared to some of the other surf towns I've been to.

We spent a lot of days lounging in the sun, but a couple times managed to get in some other activities. We spent a few days down south at this amazing swimming hole with a great rope swing, went snorkeling and went cave swimming. The snorkeling there is really great, so many funny tropical fish to poke at and the occasional sea turtle if you're lucky. There's also a really great hike that goes around the Napali coast, but because of Ant's knee we couldn't do it. I guess that's a good excuse to go back again soon.

Hanalei Bay, paradise pretty much.

Hanalei Pier. You can jump off this badboy but it's really shallow. Not nearly as rad as the swimming hole.

Palm trees, there's lots of them there. We spent 3 hours trying to knock coconuts off them.

The spot to get your snorkel on.

Everyone's happier with a bit of sunshine. Anthony and me.

We had a family beach day with the Keenans and Jeff's mom Sue brought bubbles. Having fun while the sun sets on another great day.

I forgot how awesome bubbles were.

Kauai has wicked sunsets, this one was mediocre in comparison to some.

Anthony getting the shot on one of our last nights there.

This is more like it.

I thought this was funny. There's way too many Mustang's in HI.

Mahalo to the Keenan family for their tremendous hospitality and to Hawaii for being so beautiful and relaxing. I needed that.

Talk soon,


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